Well, here is another turncoat jumping on the Cultural Genocide Bandwagon. It’s perfectly okay to trash the symbols of your ancestors, remove their monuments and flags, and rewrite their history, as long as it wins you favor in the eyes of the ignorant and gets you re-elected. After all, isn’t that what this is all about to those politicians who are pushing to remove the Confederate Battle Flag?  It’s all about appeasement. Appeasement is SURRENDER! You can’t negotiate with cultural terrorists any more than you can negotiate with Muslim terrorists.  The historically stupid say, “The war is over.  You lost.  Get over it.”  The military part of the war ended 150 years ago, but the social, economic, and cultural phases continued, and not only continued, but have picked up steam. This country is overflowing with the dumbed-down, historically ignorant masses who don’t have a clue about the War of Northern Aggression. They just keep spewing the same, tired old mouth diarrhea phrases like, “It was about slavery”, “That flag represents hate and slavery”, “The South fought to keep its slaves”.  These airheads can’t base one of their arguments on fact. They have guzzled the Marxist Kool-Aid for 150 years and question not one word of it. They trust this socialist government completely and are led around like a pig with a nose ring. It is sad, frightening, and disgusting how “those people” have taken an inexcusable tragedy and turned it into an anti-Southern agenda meant to completely destroy our culture. These state “leaders” are folding like lawn chairs and can’t ban the flag, and Confederate monuments fast enough.

Will I stop displaying my Confederate symbols? Yeah, when my toes are turned up and I’m laid out in my casket.


Jeff Paulk