1. A clear warning of things to come is evident in the
    onslaught against the Confederate Flag going on right now.  The
    same media and leftist power brokers will do exactly the same thing
    to Texas.  So called, ‘progressive,’ Lincolnesque, Nazi-style revisionist
    history will be spread powerfully by the media as they attempt to
    remove all things TEXAS from history. That is the mindset Texas
    independence freedom fighters shall face (and more) when the Texas
    independence struggle is triggered.They will call the Texas Flag a “confederate symbol” since it was used
    as a battle flag during the War for Southern Independence.  They will
    call the Texas Republic a “failed society pleading for salvation” and
    they will put the ever present “racist” and “extremist” labels on everything
    Texans do which is aimed at freeing ourselves from the domination of
    the psudocommunist regime that would destroy the last vestiges of freedom
    we enjoy.  The future will be dominated by either the communists or the
    muslims.  We don’t know which, but both will destroy our religion and our
    sense of belonging to a country then long gone into the glorious history
    of the nation our ancestors fought so valiantly for in WWII.

J Pat Baughman