?The onslaught of attacks against our flags, our Veterans, and our heritage in recent days is unprecedented.  We have seen our enemies exploit a tragedy to further their agenda of eradicating our history and heritage, beginning with the Confederate Battle Flag in SC, and spreading fast and furiously to the point that legislators on Capitol Hill in DC are calling for the removal of ANYTHING Confederate from the building. Each of us are already engaged, or soon will be facing battles in our own localities, where agitators have already begun to use the momentum against us to remove monuments, markers, street names, school names, park names, and flags.  They have accomplished in just a few days, more than they were able to do in the past 50 years.

While we have suffered setbacks, we are encouraged by what appears to be the beginning of an outcry and pushback from Southerners across the country.  Over the course of two days, we have seen an increase of fans on our FB page by over 1,000 NEW followers.  Our email, messaging, and phone messages are swamped with requests for assistance, offers of support, and folks wanting to know what they can do to get involved.  We believe that this is a crucial time and we must find a way to engage EVERYONE who is ready to stand and fight for our heritage.

Social Media is buzzing with the news that some of the degenerates behind the Anti-Confederate movement are planning another “Burn the Confederate Flag Day” this Saturday, June 27th.  Suprisingly (insert sarcasm font) all of this pandering, bending over backwards to appease, and selling out of our heritage, STILL has not satisfied their thirst for blood, and they plan further protests, desecrating our Fathers’ flags by ceremoniously burning them throughout the U.S.

The Virginia Flaggers have for some time pushed for a shift of responsibility of honoring our ancestors from municipalities to individuals and heritage groups.  The Interstate Flag projects, patterned after the Georgia SCV  Division’s “Project Wave” initiative are one offshoot of this.  We also encourage ALL supporters of Confederate heritage to fly a Confederate flag on your personal property and would like to call EVERYONE to put up a flag and have it flying by Sunday, June 28th, in a show of solidarity of the Southern people, to take a stand against the tide of hate and misinformation, and in honor and memory of the CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS who fought and died in the War Between the States.

“National Raise Your Battle Flag Day”, SUNDAY, JUNE 28th!  Fly a  Confederate flag, take a photo and post on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram…across social media, with the hashtag #RaiseYourBattleFlag, and post the photos to our FB page


Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers


*We have attached a flier that we use that is a great basic education on the flags and we encourage you all to print out as many as you can and have them handy to pass out when you have discussions with friends, family members, and total strangers about our flags.