From Grayson Jennings
Virginia Flaggers
June 15, 2015


Saturday was a beautiful, but HOT day in the Capital of the Confederacy.  The Va Flaggers spent the morning and early afternoon on the Boulevard and reported several good conversations, including one young cyclist, who stopped specifically to thank us for exercising our right to free speech in a public place!  One older lady stopped to ask what was going on with the flags.  When we explained that the VMFA had stripped the Confederate flags from the Confederate Memorial Chapel, she was shocked and upset.  She went on to say that she was a member of a local UDC chapter and was going to go back and tell her UDC Chapter what was going on.?

We are constantly amazed by the fact that each day we spend on the Boulevard, someone new hears about the desecration of the Chapel, even thought it has now been 5 years since it occurred. ?

One of our Flaggers visited the Chapel to find a security guard on duty inside.  Most of you are aware that the VMFA refused to renew the historic lease with the Lee-Jackson Camp #1, and as of May 31, 2015, has taken over control of the Chapel.

Incredibly, we recentlyreceived a report that there are some folks STILL attempting to assign blame for this breech of contract on those of us who have “taken it to the streets”, despite the well documented fact that the VMFA attempted to cancel the lease long before we ever set foot on the sidewalk.  We are thankful for the dozens of encouraging messages we receive every day, and ones like the following, from folks who know the true history:

“The VMFA has wanted the SCV out of the chapel for years and it looks like it finally happened since a liberal democratic carpetbagger administration now occupies the Old Dominion. I guess that the VMFA don’t remember that if it was not for the generosity of Confederate veterans and their sons there never would have been a VMFA. SCV camp #1 laid out thousands of dollars to restore and replace stained glass windows in that chapel, the VMFA never offered even a dime towards its upkeep. As a past adjutant and former member of SCV camp #1 I am really saddened by this…” D Shingleton Jr

Saturday was a very hot day, and the gentleman in the Chapel had two large fans running and both doors wide open, and was still having a hard time handling the heat.  For the past four years, we have witnessed the elderly docents of the Lee-Jackson Camp #1 huddling by small portable heaters in the winter, and struggling with oppressive heat in the summer.  This gentleman said he was told if it got unbearable, he could lock up the doors and leave. The Lee-Jackson docents had no such luxury.  The security guard reported that there will be no tours given until the VMFA is able to hire and train docents to work the Chapel, and that he had no idea when that would be. We can only imagine what kind of indoctrination their training will include…

The good news is that the restrooms in the Chapel are once again available to the Va Flaggers!

The young man who occasionally “protests” us by blasting profane music laced with vulgar language and racial slurs, made a brief appearance on Saturday.  He seemed to be a bit upset and confused about an interview in a documentary in which Tripp Lewis mentioned that he had a cousin who was 12 years old when he joined the Confederate Army,  and who later spent 18 years as a resident at the Old Soldiers’ Home.  Apparently he just couldn’t quite get the math. Although we do our best to give him as little attention as possible, we thought our supporters would enjoy this short clip. (Profanity warning:  His music can be heard at the onset of this clip…)

*Notice the museum visitors who are so “terrified” by us, that they walk up and ask us which way they should go to find the entrance.  Funny how some folks want to claim we “accost” people on the sidewalk when, in fact, a number of people on any given day assume we work for the VMFA.  We have all become quite versed in our tour guide capacities.  🙂



Great news out of Richmond District Court last month!
Some of you may recall we were asking for the public’s help in identifying this man, who has verbally assaulted our Flaggers on numerous occasions, and spit at us and on our property.

In April, warrants were sworn for curse and abuse after an incident on the Boulevard, and last month, in court, he was found GUILTY, fined $300, and advised by the Judge to stay away from us!

This was the first of two complaints filed.

We cannot fully express our appreciation for the men and women who devote hours each week to stand for our Confederate ancestors, and who, despite what are sometimes very tense ecnounters , ALWAYS conduct themselves in a manner that reflects honorably on the Veterans we stand for, and the flags we carry.

Grayson Jennings
Va Flaggers

Friday, June 25th – Saturday, June 26th:  Annual meeting and pilgrimage of the Descendants of Point Lookout Association, Point Lookout, MD.  Susan will be speaking at the meeting on Friday night.

Wednesday, July 1stSusan will be speaking at the July meeting of the Edmund Ruffin FireEaters Camp #3000, Mechanicsville, VA.  Anna’s Italian Restaurant, 7009 Mechanicsville Tunrpike, Mechanicsville VA 23111.  Meet at 6:00 to order supper, meeting at 7:00.

Wednesday, July 8th:  Susan will be speaking at the July meeting of the Maj Gen Isaac Ridgeway Trimble Camp #1836, Catonsville, MD.  Meeting starts at 7:30, at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #69, 2832 Nine Mile Circle, Catonsville, MD 21228.

Thursday, September 10th:  Susan is scheduled to speak at the September meeting of the Ivy Ritchie Camp #1744, SCV, Albermarle NC.  6:30 p.m.  Jay’s Seafood Restaurant, 40439 Stony Gap Rd, Albermarle, NC 28001

Saturday, December 12th:  Susan will be speaking at the Christmas Dinner of the John Ingraham Camp #1977, Chickamauga, GA. More details to follow.

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