Valerie Protopapas
League of the South


Friends, the time has come for those who love, reverence and honor the South to STOP DEMANDING THAT THIS PERVERTED AND DEGENERATE CULTURE do so as well. First, it CANNOT HAPPEN! Indeed, when the wicked and degenerate applaud you, YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG!

Once we have decided that we don’t need the approval of the establishment, we must then determine how we will continue to witness to our own beliefs outside of that system. So, if the State or the city or the local government-run facilities won’t fly the Southern flag or exhibit Southern symbols, then we must do so personally. Some will join groups like the “Flaggers.” Others will wear pins or armbands to demonstrate their support for the facts of history. Still others will have a flagpole or, if they cannot get a license plate, they will get a bumper-sticker or a license plate frame. There is no shortage of ways for individuals to demonstrate their solidarity with Southern history and heritage.

The idea that

[y]our heritage is only viable when the establishment determines that it is, is a formula for extinction. If the culture has chosen to go the wrong way, that doesn’t mean that we/you have lost, merely that you are right and the culture and its followers are wrong. Truth is not a majority decision.