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“Tolerance & Apathy are the last virtues of a Dying Society”- Aristotle


Where do I even begin?

Ø  Do I begin with the many LIES?

Ø  Do I begin with the Revised History?

Ø  Do I begin with the UNTOLD History?

Ø  Do I begin with the Political Corruption?

Ø  Do I begin with Those Peoples’ Political Cronyism?

Ø  Do I begin with Those Peoples’ Special Interest Groups?

Ø  Do I begin with Those Peoples ’Socialized Laws?

Ø  Do I begin with Those Peoples’ Intolerance of others excused under the Guise of Humanitarianism?

Ø  Do I begin with Those Peoples’ Political Corruption allowing for Usurpation?

Ø  Do I begin with Those Peoples’ Subjugation resulting from ALL of the ABOVE?

Ø  Do I begin with Those Peoples’ 2- Parties who say one thing only to reverse course afterwards?

Ø  Do I begin with Those on this side of the Mason-Dixon who have cut back-room deals while holding back this Confederate Movement from advancing forward?


Ø  Where do I begin because the last thing YOU want to hear right now is: WE TOLD YOU SO but- WE DID TELL YOU SO, DIDN’T WE?


Ø  You were told where this was headed back in 1991 when the naacp issued its resolution against ALL things Southern and, MORE Directly, ALL things Confederate.



Ø  WHY did the Hierarchy of the SCV NOT take the action many of us DEMANDED back then?

Ø  There were those, like us, who had a plan, several as a matter of fact, WHY weren’t they implemented?

Ø  And today, those with whom they consorted with, Past & Present, have combined to put the Screws to Dixie because of an UN-RELATED issue tying that UN-RELATED issue to Our Confederate Flag and now it is OPEN SEASON on Dixie and just as we said it would be!


Ø  And now the Urban League is demanding that ALL CONFEDERATE STATUES across Dixie COME DOWN– Did you know that?

Ø  And now the Mississippi State Flag is also under attack.



‘Appeasement is a Fast Tract to Genocide’- c. maus

‘’Tolerance & Apathy are the LAST VIRTUES of a Dying Society”- Aristotle


Ø  Do I remind y’all that the People making the decisions relative to OUR Flags, Personages & History are the very ones bourne out of RECONSTRUCTION?

Ø  Do I remind y’all that NOT a one of us Confederates, has been approached or asked about OUR VERSION with respect to the FLAG THEY ARE ABOUT TO CONDEMN?

Ø  Do I remind Those People that 92% of our Confederate Military had NO involvement with the Institution of Slavery?

Ø  Do I remind y’all that we Seceded Legally- an action by the way that has NEVER been settled much less addressed. EVERYTHING HAS BEEN DONE VIA CONJECTURE & OPINION?

Ø  Do I remind y’all that it was Those People who INVADED us and NOT us them?

Ø  Do I remind y’all that Lincoln HATED the black man who was treated far worse as a ‘Free-Man’ in the North than how he was treated in the South?

Ø  Do I remind y’all that Lincoln ‘freed the black man’ in the South with his Emancipation Proclamation (which by the way he had NO jurisdiction to do so) BUT did NOT FREE the Slaves in the North?

Ø  Do I remind y’all that the Ships that brought Slaves to America ALL FLEW the Stars & Stripes ALL of whom sailed from Northern harbors?

Ø  Do I remind y’all that Lincoln’s tariff’s, like King George’s STAMP ACT which set off the Revolutionary War, demanded up to 85% of the Southern States’ money?

Ø  Do I remind y’all how this Country’s former Federal Republic changed Political Course AFTER 1865 with the ‘LIMITED GOVERNMENT’ succumbing to the NEW NATIONAL- CENTRAL government resulting in the literal TRANSFER from Independent STATE Sovereignty unto the NEW Behemoth?

Ø  Do I remind y’all that all this was made possible thanks to Those People’s Acts of Reconstruction contained in their nefarious 14th Amendment that was NEVER ratified by 2/3 of the States?

Ø  Do I remind y’all how our returning Military Men were prevented from voting- a Double Cross from that which was included in the Military’s Articles of Surrender?

Ø  Do I remind you that President Davis NEVER SURRENDERED the Confederate Government?

Ø  Do I remind you that Salmon Chase, the then Supreme Court Chief Justice told Lincolns Secretary of War, that should they bring ANY Confederate Government Official or Soldier before him (Chase) and charge them with Treason that: “That which YOU won on the Battlefield will be LOST in a Court of Law.”

Ø  Do I remind you that Lincoln’s entire CLAIM for his un-authorized ACT of Invasion was based entirely upon us being labeled as Rebels and therefore Guilty of Treason…..THEN WHY NO TRIALS AFTERWARDS?

Ø  Do I remind you that Slavery was NEVER the Core Issue as it was coming to an end resulting from changing conditions & economics?

Ø  Do I remind you of what OUR Battle Flag (created in Defense of our Country) was about- The Christian Cross of St. Andrew yet Those People who are deciding its fate right NOW haven’t covered ANY of this?

Ø  Do I remind you of the Trial that President Davis wanted and demanded when he was Imprisoned for 2-years to argue the Confederacy’s Legitimate Case for Secession that Salmon Chase and Lincoln’s Boys circumvented thanks to some ambiguous verbiage in their 13th Amendment that PREVENTED THE TRIAL FROM EVER TAKING PLACE?

Ø  Do I remind you that President Davis was a former U.S. Senator who was considered one of, if NOT the BEST, scholars on the U.S. Constitution at that time?


Where do I Begin?


Our Confederate Society WARNED Y’all this day would come.

We predicted the many events that have occurred with stealth accuracy over these last 23 years but MANY sought our SILENCE and prevented OUR WORDS from being heard and that INCLUDES those people who identify themselves as the ‘Premier Boys’ along with those ‘Tight Pants’ in the SCV Hierarchy who NEVER WANTED TO HEAR A DAMN THING ABOUT A CONFEDERATE ALLIANCE consisting of Independent Organizations….and now their ex-CIC is calling for a ‘Call to Action’- WHAT GONADS!


The Flag coming down in South Carolina is but a continuing ‘Tip of the Ice-Berg’ and IT WILL, NOT IF, be followed with calls, as mentioned, by those who will NOT rest until ANYTHING relating to our Confederacy is ELIMINATED- EVERYWHERE…..GENOCIDE 101!


Does a ‘Hungry Lion’ rest once it has tasted the blood of its Carrion?

NO, IT ONLY WANTS FOR MORE and NONE OF THIS HAS A DAMN THING TO WITH FAIRNESS OR HUMANITARIANISM but hasEverything to do with EXTERMINATION– This time being done under the Guise of ‘Legalize’ whereas before… under the Heel of a Boot.


Ø  Do you think that which is occurring has a Damn thing to do about 9 people being killed by a challenged boy or,

Ø  Do you think it has come about because OUR BREATH’S relative to what we have been saying and declaring is resonating with MANY across this Great Divide and thus another attempt to silence OUR Confederacy once and for all?


Ø  Do y’all think that assessment is beyond belief- IF SO, BETTER THINK AGAIN!


Once more, I would call for the Immediate Creation of a Confederate Alliance to consist of ALL CREDIBLE CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS whose Leaders would be EQUALLY represented and whose Council will map out the long over-do plans to FINALLY DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND that should have been drawn 25 years ago when ALL THIS FALSE NONSENSE BEGAN.


The e-mail addresses of my Cadre are shown above.

Equally, take a look at our website ( ) so y’all know what we ARE ABOUT and where we are coming from.


Ø  Do y’all think this is the End…..or do y’all think it’s the Beginning of a Rising Dixie that is long overdue?


‘A Country that knows Not of Its Origin is like a Ship without a Rudder- Sooner or Later It WILL (Not If) Destroy Itself on The Reef of Stupidity’


There is NO Justice Folks- Just Us!

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America