HK needs to talk to Governor Nicki Haley of SC and invite Williams to also do so before the “activists” get to her big time. It has begun; more erasure of our noble southern history, AGAIN!

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“The flap over the Confederate flag is not quite as simple as the nation’s race experts make it. They want us to believe the flag is a symbol of racism. Yes, racists have used the Confederate flag, but racists have also used the Bible and the U.S. flag. Should we get rid of the Bible and lower the U.S. flag? Black civil rights activists and their white liberal supporters who’re attacking the Confederate flag have committed a deep, despicable dishonor to our patriotic black ancestors who marched, fought and died to protect their homeland from what they saw as Northern aggression.”

— Walter E. Williams, Professor at George Mason University, and a nationally syndicated columnist.