Compatriots and friends of fairness—your help is needed!

The shooting that took place this past Wednesday night at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston is horrific on every level. The perpetrator is obviously insane to have committed such a cold-hearted crime as this. Apparently his stated motives were to set off a race war, the same heinous hopes of the infamous murderer—Charles Manson.

Thankfully, Manson failed at his quest and I pray that Dylann Roof will also fail. But honestly, I’m not encouraged. The level of vitriolic hatred that is being displayed, in the name of these tragic murders, is beyond disturbing. Steel your heart and google#takedowntheflag . Then type #takedowntheflag into a search on Facebook and then on Instagram. Some of the images on these sites literally knocked me on my heels due to their level of hate.

We cannot allow the Roof’s and Manson’s of the world to destroy the affection that is vital between peoples of varying backgrounds and heritages in our country. But as we sit by, morning for the loss of innocent lives in Charleston, that very nightmare of destruction could be rapidly becoming a reality.

For one hundred and fifty years, Southerners have been maligned by the victors of an unnecessary war. In recent years some headway has been made in educating our fellow countrymen as to the true facts of our shared history. But even though Confederate history and the symbols of the South had no connection whatsoever with the senseless crime in question, a loud cry for punitive reparations (first) demanding the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the Confederate monument at the Statehouse in Columbia, SC.

Why must you and I be punished for the actions of a madman? Our Confederate ancestors would have condemned this man and his actions as we do today. We share in the shock and anger over this outrage with all good people throughout the world. Why then must WE abandon OUR ancestors and allow the further slander of their good names.

How does sacrificing the memory of antebellum Americans ease the pain caused by this one reprehensible miscreant. It does not. It only causes more pain and will certainly cause problems while solving none.

What can be done?

Pray for the families that lost their loved ones in this terrible incident.

Contact the legislators in South Carolina and let them know that you and your family must not be punished for the misdeeds of a maniac. Let them know that your heritage is not to be used as tribute or ransom for any reason.

Time is of the essence. Contact the legislators in South Carolina today and everyday this week and next week if necessary. Have each member of your family and your friends contact the legislators in South Carolina and tell them to honour the compromise that took the flag from atop the Statehouse dome in 2000 and placed it at the Confederate monument. The masses are calling for blood. There has been too much blood already. It must stop!

To email all senators:
To email all House member States:

Email all the members of the Senate and the House. Then call and ask to speak to your Representative and your Senator and tell them to protect all history and to punish no one’s heritage.

Telephone numbers to reach the legislators:
South Carolina House of Representatives
Blatt Building

South Carolina Senate

Get to work on this mission and stay on it. So far the legislators are being overwhelmed with demands to remove the flag from the Statehouse grounds. This is only their first stop on a reckless train to rewrite history and destroy all the gains we have made in dispelling the myths and lies of our ancestors. The attack will be broad and deep. Your heritage is not to blame for these murders and perpetuating more hatred will not erase the crime. Your ancestors stood by us during their struggle for liberty; we will stand by them during this struggle for fairness.

Commander-in-Chief Barrow has sent a similar alert and request. We need every man, woman and child on this effort. Thank you for your attention to this important matter. I am,

Respectfully yours,
Michael Givens
Past Commander-in-Chief
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150