Mr. Zane Must Be Fired
Feel free to distribute this to your email groups.
Please use this sample statement as you contact the advertisers of the Raleigh News & Observer who employ Mr. Zane and allow him a platform (see his article below). This list is not inclusive and you are encouraged to visit the paper’s website ( for additional advertisers to contact with your email.
"I will not purchase any products from companies advertising in the Raleigh News & Observer due to the hateful, bigoted and divisive editorials of J. Peder Zane. Mr. Zane’s recent articles published in that newspaper calls for the destruction of Raleigh’s monument to North Carolina’s 40,000 veterans who gave their lives in war, and I refuse to do business with any company supporting such unpatriotic and outrageous opinions.
Before resuming business with your company, I demand that Mr. Zane be immediately dismissed and the newspaper issue a formal apology to the families and descendants of North Carolina’s veterans."
News & Observers Advertisers:
Rug Decor:  866.784.3326
Southeastern Air, 877.396.0001
Alexander’s Sewing and Vacuum Center, 919.847.5706
Hatfield-Berrang Hearing Aids, 919.782.2211

"So I say once more, Gov. Perdue, tear down this monument." or 919-829-4773