Zane comments
I sent this (much edited for the 1000 character cut off and even then they simply cut it off after “Mapplethorpe’s bullwhip”):

Zane parrots all the nonsense about slavery that has been sold to the gullible and lazy by those who wish to “blame it on the South”.
Slavery was a reason for the war, but there were more important ones. In the Revolution, Americans said, “no taxation without representation!” In the case of the South, it was “not enough representation and too damned much taxation”. The Radical Republicans desired an all powerful central government. The South paid 75% of all the revenues going to Washington which was then sent to Northern commercial interests. Lincoln would have maintained slavery if the South would “ante up” and he offered the Corwin Amendment adding slavery to the Constitution. So much for the “Great Emancipator”.
In one thing, Zane is right! The monument represents loyalty, bravery, honesty and Christian moral values. Our culture is corrupt and polluted and better served by “art” like a crucifix immersed in urine, the Virgin Mary done in elephant dung and Mapplethorpe’s “bullwhip up the bum” photographs. These are more fitting than tributes to decency and honesty.
Zane and his ilk flee from this monument as roaches flee from the light and for the same reason.