Yulee Day
From: vaproto@optonline.net
To: chairman@freefloridafirst.org
You must ask not whether Mr. Yulee would be welcome at this "celebration" that "honors"  him (in name only), but rather, whether he would be found (even dead) at such an event. Frankly, I think not. I am sure that he would not demand – as these "celebrants" obviously do – that only the "politically correct" types such as trans-gender and "gay" representatives, members of the SPLC and the NAACP as well as other (often depraved) "culturally diverse" groups do him homage. Indeed, he would, I am sure, be of the same opinion as the Psalmist who declared that it was better "that a good man strike or rebuke me in kindness" that that "the oil of the wicked . . . anoint my head."
As that is the case and as you cannot be ignorant of the nature of those running the "festivities," I would not seek to join them but, rather, to honor Mr. Yulee and all that he stood for yourselves. You do him no honor by attempting to be a part of something that he would have rejected. Better to give him true honor through the participation of worthy people even in a much smaller celebration than to be a part of something ignominious and altogether foreign to the "honoree’s" moral character.
Valerie Protopapas