Your pro-South words



What a fine surname is yours!

Just read your "message of correction" to M. Miller, posted in Southern Heritage News and Views — concerning the Confederate flag! Hurrah for truth! You have a gift for the telling of it.

Obviously, you are a "warrior for truth," and because you ARE–you just may appreciate a wee poem I wrote about our flag. Poetically speaking, the thing may offer little–historically speaking, however–I would suggest that it offers much.

You just might like, also, something else along this same line:

We need more informed Southerners just like you! We need folks who dare to counter those lies begun by Lincoln and his Marxists, lies still forming the entire mountain of Southern History taught throughout the land in all classrooms controlled by an all powerful CENTRAL government—every Marxist’s dream come true!

Southerners wonder why American journalists are so anti-Confederacy. Look to the responsible U.S. educational system. The more education, the greater the anti-states rights, anti-secession legality indoctrination/brain wash. What can one expect, really, when Karl MARX was once an employee of a New York newspaper and a frequent and highly influential, personal correspondent with Honest Abe and with the large numbers of high ranking military officers in Lincoln’s Republican Army? Reconstruction, itself, was a Marx idea.

Sadly, most American high school seniors today have never even heard of Karl Marx.

U.S. Public schools, certainly, don’t reveal much truth, do they? Some students in a fairly recent survey stated that Martin Luther King discovered America.

Joan Hough in Houston, Texas