Why do ‘The Young Turks’ hate White Southerners?
January 29, 2013
By Michael

According to The Young Turks, a Left-wing political daily news commentary program that bills itself as ‘the largest online news network in the world,’ White Southerners are ‘losers’ and ‘traitors’ because they believe in self-determination and oppose blending their people out of existence. This was their response to a proposal by Mississippi State representatives to create a nullification committee to review Federal laws to determine whether or not they comply with the limitations on the central government set forth in the US Constitution. The Turkish hosts of this US program, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, directly addressed Southerners and asked, ‘Ok, now you want to get your ass kicked again? Ok. You losers! Is that what you want? Ok. You un-patriotic, un-American people who are traitors to this country. Ok. So you were traitors before and we had to kick your ass back into line. You want to do it again?’ The hosts then went on to say that they had been to the South and visited Southern casinos and liked the South. They then laughed briefly, as if to imply that casinos were the only thing they liked about the South. The Young Turks then invoked examples from history where the US Federal Government used force against Southerners for defying Federal mandates such as forced integration under Dwight Eisenhower. The hosts claimed that Southerners were an ‘embarrassment’ for standing up to the Feds and went on to say ‘it was immoral, it was sickening and it was wrong to oppose Washington, DC.’  They then went on to attack Southern voters who oppose miscegenation and blending their people out of existence. They said, ‘you lost, you’re going to lose again, and I guess that makes you incredibly bitter.’ From there, they attacked Mississippi specifically, saying that ‘without the rest of the US, you would be lucky to be Guatemala.’ In fact, Mississippi, with a population of less than 3 million people, has a gross domestic product (GDP) of $98 billion while Guatemala, with a population of over 13 million people, has a GDP of just $74 billion. There is no comparison; Mississippi is far more wealthy than Guatemala or other Third World countries.

Why do The Young Turks hate Southerners and threaten violence against them? Though they may be foreigners, these commentators have imbibed the anti-Southern and anti-White attitudes which prevail in the US media. In general, they have absorbed the intense hatred for the South that is common in many Northerners. Notice too that their hatred is based on Southern resistance to Federal intervention in their society. Specifically, The Young Turks express anger at Southerners for supporting self-determination and opposing miscegenation. And yet, what ethnic or cultural group on Earth does not support self-government and the preservation of its people? If any such group gave up support for these things they would quickly be eliminated from the pages of history.

Hatred of White Southerners is quite common in the United States. For example, a recent scientific study revealed that non-Southern children in the US acquire from the culture around them a strong bias against Southern-speaking people at a young age. Hollywood has also recently produced two extremely anti-Southern films (one of which glorifies murdering Southerners). This led Rush Limbaugh, the most listened to talk radio host in the United States, to argue on his program that the US Left wants to ‘finish off’ the South. Anti-Southern attitudes such as the ones displayed by The Young Turks prompted nineteenth century Southern nationalists to argue to their fellow Southerners that the real problem with the US system was not so much the Constitution itself, but rather the people with whom they had unwisely united. Professor Eric H Walter writes on page 297 of The Fire-Eaters:

As William L. Yancey said… the fire-eaters thought that “the disease, which preys on the vitals of the Federal Union, does not emanate from any defect in the Federal Constitution – but from a deeper source – the hearts, heads and consciences of the Northern people.” …Other fire-eaters agreed. Convinced that the hostile, irresponsible, and insurmountable political power of the North imperiled southern rights, honor, and traditional liberties, the fire-eaters counseled secession.

Mississippi’s Secession Commissioner Fulton Anderson argued before the State Assembly of Virginia in 1861:

An infidel fanaticism, crying out for a higher law than that of the Constitution and a holier Bible than that of the Christian, has been enlisted in the strife, and in every form in which the opinions of a people can be fixed and their sentiments perverted. In the schoolroom, the pulpit, on the rostrum, in the lecture-room and in the halls of legislation, hatred and contempt of us and our institutions, and of the Constitution which protects them, have been inculcated upon the present generation of Northern people. Above all, they have been taught to believe that we are a race inferior to them in morality and civilization….

Is not the anti-Southern attitude that Anderson spoke of a century and half ago painfully evident today in the words of The Young Turks? Attitudes such as this led Southern nationalist leader Robert Barnwell Rhett to exclaim, ‘The South must dissever itself from the rotten Northern element.’ Indeed. Why should Southerners remain in an abusive relationship with a people who hate them and regularly force their bizarre morality and Leftpolitical ideals upon a culture and people they disdain? It is little wonder that millions of Southerners today want out? According to a recent PPP poll, half of Georgia Republicans, for example, want independence. The League of the South is working to make Southern self-determination a reality. Southerners who have had enough of the hatred directed against them by the US media and government are invited to join the effort.

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