Young People’s Bravery
My Southron Compatriots,
HK sent me a forward email of a young man from Indiana (whose name is being kept private due to his age) who was very brave for The Cause. This young man brought a CBF to his school. He was called racist (and I’m sure many other names, too!), and someone even tried to throw his flag in the trash. Rather than starting an altercation or whatever, this young man wrote HK and asked for him to speak at his school!
Needless to say, I was deeply impressed. So, in honor of the young man’s honorable defense of our Southron way, I gifted the young man three PDF’s of his choice from The Dixie Diarist’s storefront on
That gave me an idea: Does anyone here have a young hero or heroine of The Cause whom you think worthy of havng their heroism rewarded?  Tell me their story or send me a link to the news story at and I may just send them the three free PDF’s of their choice if there is any way for me to email them. Just make sure to let me know in the subject bar that this is one of our young heroes or heroines of our Cause.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Matt McCune
The Dixie Diarist