Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another Screenshot You Won’t See At Crossroads

As we all know, Brooks D. Simpson, Professor of History at Arizona State University and recipient of the distinguished award of … um … uh … well … uh …(ahem) … Professor of History at Arizona State University, likes to "tiptoe through the Internet" to find people, usually Southern heritage folks to bash, smear and lie abou– I mean, to "sample historical understandings about the American Civil War." (Smirk.)

Apparently, what that translates into is spending hours and hours online, fine-toothed combing proSouthern groups or personal timelines on Facebook, blog comment threads, and even comments following news reports, looking for crap he can bring back to Crossroads and misconstrue, lie about, and subject to the derision and hatred of his peanut gallery floggerettes.

Of course, not everything gets hauled back to Crossroads. His interest is in smearing, and if it doesn’t smear, it doesn’t make the grade. Thus, here is a screenshot you’ll never see at Crossroads:

What I want to call your attention to, dear readers, is this sentence from one of Lani Burnette Rinkel’s comments: "I plastered what Robert posted on 7 or 8 groups … But Susan asked me not to, so I deleted the posts."

Keep that in mind that this comes ONE DAY AFTER Simpson’s snide, smug post blabbing about Susan employment, and identifying her employer by name on the WORLD WIDE WEB.

I keep reading new stuff at Simpson’s blog and wondering, how many times can one go off the deep end before one doesn’t come back up?

Now he’s pissed off about people attacking Kristen Schroeder Konate, as if only that matters. Of course, he doesn’t acknowledge that most of the "attacks" on the thread he identifies are not personal attacks on her, anyway, but complaints about what she’s doing which, last time I looked, is speech as protected as hers. (Look, Simp. If Konate can’t stand the MoveOn-petition heat, she should stay out of the MoveOn-petition kitchen.)

He’s also pissed off about somebody contacting ASU and complaining about him, as if he’s not protected by tenure.

Hey, Simp, if you can’t stand the attack-blogger heat, stay outta the attack-blogger kitchen.

In the past, on your blog, you jumped on the Tripp Lewis "child abuse" bandwagon (it was "no accident" Tripp’s children were with him, you said, remember?) while none of you reported the alleged abuse. Why not? Meanwhile, you and your blog population have a history of welcoming and embracing and embracing and welcoming the comments of some despicable characters (from a child’s point of view) without a peep outta you.

Now you attack Susan Hathaway with your speculation and fantasies about her employer and employment, utterly heedless of the damage it could cause her. She doesn’t work in academia and she doesn’t have tenure. You put this potentially destructive speculation and fantasy on your attack blog where threats, clearly visible through a gossamer-thin veil, have been directly aimed at the Flaggers:

"Well, they should be scared of us, we win at this game, always have and always will. We would like to help put a stop to this flag going up, but we need a little assistance."

I have a question for you, Simp: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?

As we move closer to September 28, things get more interesting.~Brooks D. Simpson

No, things coming from YOUR side get more desperate, revolting and despicable. And dangerous. Slathering your comment threads with attempts to associate violent white supremacists (eyeholes in sheets remarks, for example) with the Flaggers, who are far more honest, honorable and decent than some in your floggerette peanut gallery, is thoroughly immoral.

Perhaps it’s time to take your moral compass in to get re-calibrated….

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