You should see this….
Just returned from a 3 day weekend in the North Georgia Mountains. If you have never visited the little town of Blue Ridge Georgia I suggest that someday you do so. Besides being a neat little town with ample tourist attractions including a train ride along the Toccoa River up to McCaysville, Ga. / Copperhill, Tn. Their local high school is the Fannin County Rebels. A fact which they are extremely proud of.
As you enter the town on Hwy. 5 / 515 the first thing I noticed was some of the business`s had flag poles on their property flying 5ft X 8ft Confederate Battleflags flying. A bank on Depot St. was even flying the first Confederate Flag, the Stars & Bars. Which is a nice gesture as I`m sure they wanted to be a little less obvious over their local support for the hometown team of Rebels.
I fly a 3ft X 5ft Confederate Battleflag 24 / 7 on a pole in my front yard however, it was nice seeing a small southern town doing the same thing; they all should. At any rate this was a sight to behold in Blue Ridge, Ga. & will make any real Southerner/Confederate proud.
Billy Price