Re: VOTE NOW: Are You Offended to See a Confederate Flag Fly?


My comment awaiting posting:

In fact, "being offended" is not prevented in the Constitution! A lot of things offend me in the present culture but I must honor the 1st Amendment rights of those who have put them there. Of course, the 1st Amendment does NOT protect profanity or obscenity; it protects political speech, ESPECIALLY unpopular political speech. As that is the case, it really doesn’t matter who is "offended" by the battle flag. Those displaying it and other Confederate symbols have the RIGHT to do so. In the same way, citizens have the right to vote in referendum on whether or not it should be flown on public property. That’s what a representative republic is all about – NOT permitting the ignorant or
the agenda-driven from "protecting" other folks out of their constitutional rights through subjective complaints and yet another use of "the race card."


(The poll has since been removed. They must not have liked the results.  Last time I looked it was in the high 80s. – Chuck Demastus)