Southern Heritage Violation – YOU CAN HELP!
Everyone, this article has nothing to do with Obama, but has everything to do with a heritage violation that is unbelievable.  Please click on the link for the entire story.  I have cut and pasted the request that the writer has made and I love it!  I prefer the first option, and while I am at it, I will do the second!  Please make the yankee chancellor and the school pay for this serious violation of free speech and our Confederate Heritage!

"Make the check out for $0.02. Write “Confederate Flag Incident” in the memo line. Then, for tax purposes, ask for a receipt for your contribution to UNCW. This will mean that the university will lose $.40 for every reader participating. By the time you have finished reading this column, I will have sent out 250,000 copies. That means, if all of you participate, the university will lose about $100,000 for their punishment of the fraternity that offended no one but was still punished.
Second, I want those of you who prefer sending cash contributions to send only confederate money. If you can’t get your hands on some artificial Confederate cash then just send a small folded Confederate Flag to our beloved chancellor from New York."