From: John Dunn –
Date: Wed, May 13, 2009

My dear Southern brother,

I wished to write and simply tell you what an inspiration you are to me although we have never met.

I am a Tennessee boy, born and bred. Growing up in the early ‘60 you and I know and experienced the the drastic and positive changes that took place in our Southlands effecting both Black and White (I fall into the latter group). My firm belief is that these changes represented no more and no less what “would” have been the logical evolution in our CSA had the north not invaded and if the foul act of reconstruction had never happened. You and I know well that we are all sons and daughters of The South and are in every way cut from the same cloth. We are family (whether the yanks and some home grown yanks within our country felt and feel that way). We are all of the soil (my momma says it’s because so many of us are planted there <smile>) and this binds us in ways some never imagine.

I can with all honesty tell you that two of the men who made the greatest impact in my own life were good and noble men of color. The man I am today is because, in part, of their guidance and as we say today, their being mentors of a sort. One man was James who I knew as a child and the other SgtMaj Johnny Morris, USMC, whom I had the honor of serving under. You carry on their tradition of goodness and right action and I wanted to let you know I feel you honour them and all of us.

Thank you a thousand times over HK for your ongoing efforts to separate myth from reality and the truth from the lie.

Yours in truest Southern brotherhood,

J.C. Dunn
Proud Son of Tennessee

“Hearts that would spill their life’s blood like water still beat below the Mason-Dixon Line”
A Southern Patriot