Yankees Rank Low In Charitable Giving

In the land of ice, intrusiveness, and individualism, folks who have no problem taxing others for the abstraction known as "the public good" are a bit tight with their own money to help their neighbors:


In 2004, the most recent year for which data were available, New Hampshire ranked at the bottom among states for charitable giving. All other New England states were in the bottom 10, with the exception of Maine, which ranked 33rd.

Meanwhile, in God’s own land:

The Catalogue for Philanthropy study confirmed that Bible Belt states have been the most generous relative to their residents’ incomes, with Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi typically landing in the top five.

We’re proudly the opposite here in the South: we generally reject government projects to re-engineer society in the name of "mankind," whatever that is, but will cheerfully donate to help our neighbors—you know, real people, not abstractions—in need.


Jim Walters,
FSA Scot,
Laird O ‘ Tha Haggis
The Caledonian Kitchen

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