May 30, 2007


I provided this comparison because it is true. Also, because our enemies have, for years, taken to comparing our noble and honourable Confederate soldiers, and the Cause for which they fought, to nazi Germany.
What I provided below should be the start of a counter-offensive, to relate just how similar to the nazi soldiers the yankees actually were. There are other sources to provide valid comparisons. We need to hit them hard, those who never miss a chance to slander and lie about our beloved Southland. Make them see the comparisons right in front of them.

Jimmy L. Shirley Jr.

<>The new book “WAR CRIMES AGAINST SOUTHERN CIVILIANS” by Walter Brian Cisco, Pelican publishing,
“every time the telegraph wire was cut we would burn a house; every time a train was fired upon we should hang a man; and we would continue doing this until every house was burned and every man hanged between Decatur and Bridgeport.” Order of Col. John Beatty , regimental commander Third Ohio Infantry, at Paint Rock Alabama, spring 1862.
Page 58, chapter 6, on the sack of Athens Alabama
"I have not been hesitant in declaring that when a German is shot, up to 100 Poles shall be shot too." – Hans Frank Governor-general of Nazi-occupied Poland, called the "Jew butcher of Cracow."

“In pushing up the Shenandoah Valley…it is desirable that nothing should be left to invite the enemy to return. Take all provisions, forage, and stock wanted for the use of your command; such as cannot be consumed, destroy.” “If the war is to last another year, we want the Shenandoah Valley to remain a barren waste.”
Orders of General Grant to General Sheridan, 1864
Page 121,chapter 18, “Sheridan’s devastation”.
"Terror attacks against English centers of population …will paralyze the will of the people to resist." – Alfred Jodl
Chief of Operations for the German High Command