License Plates and Yankee transplants


I guess because I live in NY I’m not entitled to an opinion on this matter – at least according to Mr. Diaz, who responded to my critique of his column about commemorative license plates in Florida. I suppose Diaz views himself as a native. I’d lay odds that he’s a transplant.



1. As regards: >>>I don’t see why we need to celebrate something….just because it happened<<< You don’t “NEED” to celebrate anything. Simply put, a large and sizeable group of tax-paying Floridians, who’s opinions and desires matter as much as any other sizeable group of Floridians, would like to have this commemorative plate made available to them. Yes, some people don’t like the plate. So what? Where is it written that everyone must agree? Show me where it is written that the opinions of those who want this plate must take a back seat to the opinions of those who don’t. You can’t!

2. You refer to the Confederacy as >>>a particularly bad idea<<< You assume that everyone agrees with your opinion. You would be wrong. By the way, losing a war does not make you the bad guy or mean that your reason for fighting was “bad”. It simply means that you lost the fight – anything else is someone’s opinion.

3. >>>Black people will see it aimed at them<<< Once again, this is an opinion. You apparently don’t get out much. If you did, you’d notice that black people have historically chosen to make their homes in the South, Confederate symbols notwithstanding. Check your records – when the Mississippi State flag referendum was held in 2001, Mississippi’s black population (which is nearly half of that state’s population), did not exactly turn out in droves to vote out the old state flag (the one with the battle emblem in the upper right hand corner). In fact, many African Americans actually voted FOR the old state flag – and this despite the urging of the NAACP and other like groups!

Finally, as regards the “Yankee Go Home” sentiment and >>>Black people will see it aimed at them<<< Aw c’mon! Stop the posturing and stop trying to show everyone that you’re out to protect black peoples’ interests. I know B.S. when I smell it. Those black people who have lived in the South for any length of time will simply see any such sentiment as being aimed at those for whom it was intended – people like yourself.

Go home Yankee… go home…

Bill Vallante
Commack NY
SCV Camp 3000 (Associate)
SCV Camp 1506 (Associate)


"Cerabino, Frank (CNI-Palm Beach)"


No, but I am an associate member of two Sons of Confederate Camps – and though not a native of the South, I am, unlike you, welcomed when I travel there.