More yankee poll dancing
It’s remarkable — to anybody not already rooted in regional reality. Almost every time there’s a poll involving state statistics, Dixie trounces the rest of the country. The latest model:
The Ten States Which Are the Biggest Financial Messes
From Just Sayin’ which led us to Pew Research:
Pew Identifies States, Like California, in Fiscal Peril, let’s take a look at the 10 states who are on the brink of being flat-busted (think Marilyn Manson with no money).
All but the last three are solid blue states. All but Arizona went for Obama. Notice anything? Class dismissed.
The above is by people probably not thinking about the North/South planetary rift, but I couldn’t help noticing that the only Southern state of the ten is one notably full of Northerners, although it has also seen much spectacular work for the Cause.
BTW, We’re having an organizational meeting today (Saturday Nov. 14) in Greenville SC for the South Carolina Conservative Action Council today — 2:30 at Ryan’s, 2426 Laurens Road a stone’s throw up from I-85 exit 48B. The legendary Dr. William Carter is chairman.