The “Yankee” Litmus Test
Hey Dave 
First, about those "friends in the Southern latitudes" that you claim to have – newsflash – you have no "friends" in those latitudes, so you can take your "Get over it" and stick it up the same orifice that your brains are apparently located in. Oh yeah, and you might want to take a pass on those pretty Southern belles that you seem to like so much. They don’t much take to arrogant/pushy guys and a lot of them are also pretty good with guns. Doesn’t sound like too healthy a combination for someone with an attitude like yours. 
Second, "rebels as heroes" is what the folks in the South do. I’m not really sure why you should care so much about what is done in Georgia, since you live in Indiana? The answer to why you care so much may just be a bit of an education for you. You care because you are a "Yankee," and caring about what other people do and meddling in their affairs is as natural to you as p**ping in a field is to a cow. It’s what you do. By the way, in case you still don’t get it, when was the last time you heard someone from Georgia telling someone from Indiana what they should or should not be doing? Face it, that sort of thing just doesn’t happen. Now when was the last time you heard of someone from Indiana telling someone from Georgia what they should or should not be doing? Actually, you just did exactly that when you wrote your article.   So congratulate yourself. You have just had a history lesson. You have just learned what you are, and you have learned why the South fought – it fought to be free of people just like you.
Third – If the idea of "honoring rebels" bothers you so much, consider that America was not founded as a "nation" by the Founding Fathers. In fact, the words "national" or "nation" appeared over 20 times in the original draft of the Constitution but it was removed by the Founders, who felt that what they were creating was NOT a nation. In fact, James Madison, on more than one occasion, reiterated that this was not a "national" government but a "federal" one. And there is a big difference between the two. 
America made the transition from a Republic of sovereign states to a nation state as a result of the "civil war." When that war ended, the American Republic ended and American nation began. Whether you consider that a good thing or a bad thing is a matter of personal opinion. What is not opinion is that the America you know, claim to love and live, in was created by the men on both sides who fought each other bitterly over the right of a sovereign state to go its own way. As such, both sides are deserving of your respect. And as far as those who fought for their independence and lost, I will point out that nearly 500 of them are buried in Arlington National Cemetery. They are recognized as American veterans by the very government they fought against. So then, if the government they fought against recognizes and honors them as fellow countrymen, then what the hell is your problem? 
Actually, I know the answer – you are a Yankee. That is your problem. The words "Live and let live" have as much meaning to you as "Super-size me" has to an aborigine in the Australian outback, perhaps less. 
I leave you with this thought – 4 words which made America great – a four word sentence, which, once upon a time, was in widespread use in this land, but which today has fallen in disfavor and disuse….. 
Bill Vallante
Commack NY
Sons of Confederate Veterans (Associate) Camps 3000 & 1506 

The Reply from Shultz: 
Every once in a while, when I write a column, I find that there is someone that makes my point for me. You, sir, have done that for me. 
All I have to do to illustrate the mindset I wrote about is to show people your letter. I need say nothing else. 
Thank you for your correspondence. You have blessed me more than you will ever know. 
— Dave Schultz 

And the Retort from me:
It is as I suspected – you really don’t understand the meaning of those 4 words –   
"MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS" or "Live and Let Live", for that matter 
Congratulations – you passed the litmus test. You are indeed, a Yankee. 
Bill Vallante