"Yankee history"
From: vaproto@optonline.net
To: ahomtech@yahoo.com
Dear My Lyons,
If Yankees do not accept the records of their own side as proof of anything vaguely “pro-Southern” or critical of the Union, why should you expect them to accept research – however valid – done by Southerners or even Northerners for that matter, if that research reaches undesirable conclusions? I am reminded of a lecture by Thomas DiLorenzo who quoted a “Lincoln scholar’s” book. DiLorenzo stated that the author admitted Lincoln was a “despot”, but he softened the blow by cheerfully declaring that he was a “benign” despot. How do you reason with that type of mindset??! You cannot.
The great poet John Dunne once said, “Look not for mind in woman” as part of his critique upon the “weaker sex”. Well you can say the same thing about most of those interested in the “Civil War” (!) who champion the Union. Look not for mind or reason or objectivity or anything that makes an historian worthy of the name. Look only for ideology and accepted – or should I say acceptable – dogma; anything else is quite beyond their ability to consider much less  acknowledge.
I am very concerned that this is getting even worse. For a while – in the late 1800s and through the middle of the 20th century, academics were more interested in reason, facts and objectivity than in making a case for one side or the other albeit the overwhelming bias was towards the Union by all but a handful of scholars. Of course, there were zealots on both sides, but even they were willing to admit when the preponderance of evidence proved their particular viewpoint questionable or even wrong. But those days are long gone and especially Union defenders (North and South) refuse to grant any legitimacy to the South and the Confederacy. Everything and everyone connected with it is evil and (especially) racist. I am inclined to see this is the result of changing racial attitudes and the need at the time of the “civil rights movement” to find a villain to explain and excuse racial policies dating from the 16th century. While the anti-black sentiments of the rest of the country were carefully buried, the South was labeled as the only real source of all racial discrimination. Since that time, it’s been open season on Southerners and their culture. Even black Southerners who do not toe the politically correct line are in the cross-hairs and matters only grow worse. The elites are aware that we cannot “move on” to the establishment of the New World Order as long as any vestige of our Founding Principles, culture, laws and morality remains. Since the only part of the country in which they can be found to any appreciable degree is the South, the attack on the Dixie continues relentlessly.
What can we/you do? Nothing but continue to expose the lies and the “agenda”. Do not hope for a rousing tribute from (y)our enemies; it ain’t comin’! But there are objective folks out there who will accept the truth when it is revealed to them quietly and reasonably. They are our only hope for a future that doesn’t include nothing but history according to the Yankees.