Yankee Bashing Mississippi Flag

From: patriot1861@yahoo.com

"…Confederate logos, disturbingly still present on the Mississippi state flag"
OnMilwaukee.com, Milwaukee

I, Charles Lauret, wrote in the comments section:

“Disturbingly??? The only thing disturbing is you coming to Mississippi at the invitation of friends and all you can do is mock their state flag, history and heritage! Y’all wonder why we don’t like yankees coming here…..stay home if you don’t like how things are in other states.”

Northerner wrote in response to me:

"I’ll happily stay in the part of the country (that is the yankee part) that never resorted to seditious and traitorous attempts to destroy the United States and I refuse to celebrate that confederate group of terrorists 150 years later. Keep your traitor’s flag of slavery. I’ll stay up here, thank you very much"

Then, after laughing, I responded with:

"Well, well Northerner…it appears as though you have been subjected to the winner’s version of history. Seditious and traitorous attempts to destroy the US??? If I recall correctly, the south attempted to leave these united states after having voluntarily joined them. They wanted to leave the US and found their own country…you call it destroying the US, I say, they left the United States in tact, albeit with less states than it had. It was the US that attacked the CSA and sovereign states that had joined it in a blatant coercive attempt to keep the federal government’s cash cow in tact.

No one asked you to, or insinuated that you should celebrate anything….just don’t come down here and mock and ridicule as if you know what’s best, or better. Your comment about the Confederacy being a group of terrorists shows how loony your argument is. If you want to call them terrorists, what exactly do you call the federal army that destroyed tribal nations and killed and attacked civilians in the south?

Traitor’s flag of slavery??? As with my argument above…..just what do you call the US flag, based on its past atrocities??? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Despite the faults of this country and the country my Confederate ancestor fought to defend, I am still proud to be an American and even prouder to be a descendant of a Confederate soldier who lost an arm fighting to defend his new country.

BTW, if the actions of the south and its leaders and soldiers was so traitorous and terroristic, just why exactly wasn’t anyone convicted or hung for treason or terrorism???? Oh, and West Point taught its cadets up to that time that secession was legal….

Thanks for your offer to stay up there…too many of y’all down here anyway. Yankees aren’t al bad, hell I lived up in New England for several years…..it’s just too many of y’all seem to want to give us your opinions on how we need to do things when we really didn’t ask for them.