Thoughts on the world’s largest Confederate flag

Mark Randolph, Marion • published July 10, 2008

I would like to comment about something that was shown on a world news channel. A reporter from New York City had a fit on TV because a group in Florida plans to fly the world’s largest Confederate flag. He said this flag stands for hate.

I found a Web site I would like to share. It is called The American Indian Genocide Museum. Indian lawyers have books, newspaper and magazine ads from American history that are not allowed in school. Information like this:

Yankees paid $10 for the scalps of Indian children and placed this in law books up North. They also have newspaper and magazine ads from the 1870s that feature the words “annihilate” and “exterminate.”

That Honest Abe nonsense is make-believe.

As far as slavery is concerned, I have a painting of a Yankee slave ship named the Nightingale. It was built in Maine, owned by a Boston company and the captain was from New York City. In real life Yankees were slave dealers. They sold slaves to the South and then sold insurance to slave owners. The Yankees had child labor until 1900.

The South stopped paying taxes and tried to build a separate nation. That’s all that happened.

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