A world of its own?
From: torpenhow@charter.net
I would appreciate it of some would comment in SHNV on this portion of a letter to the editor, The Barnes Review, November 1996 — from B.W. Fowler, Memphis, TX:
<<<Texas is a true republic, and cannot be annexed to the United States. It’s a nation unto itself. We never joined the "Confederate States of America", although we fought with it. We were lumped into the Confederacy by the federal government when Robert E. Lee surrendered and the federals occupied us. To occupy Texas without conquering it individually was illegal.>>>
A contrasting view: "he state of Texas declared its secession from the United States on February 1, 1861, and joined the Confederate States of America on March 2, 1861, replacing its governor, Sam Houston, when he refused to take an oath of allegiance to the Confederacy."
Thanks! /\/.\/\/.