Working Together
As many already know, there is an undercurrent in the Cause. This undercurrent is the unification movement, I am in complete agreement that the various Southern organizations need to merge and form a strong front. The issue at this point is getting the various groups together and in agreement. So at this time I am urging all of the leaders across the board to begin working together for the Cause. I won’t go as far as to hope for a full and complete unification of the Southern Movement but rather will ask that the groups begin working together on events, meetings and gatherings. Combine our numbers at public gatherings, protests and such. Once we start working together the people in the groups will form a bond and a trust.
We are at a critical point as a movement and as a nation. We are seeing attacks against the South increasing and the federal government grabbing power at a rapid rate and without trying to hide it. The move to begin recruitment drives and more public appearances should start now. This should be more than internet and word of mouth but through other media outlets, news releases, public appearances and anything else we as a movement can come up with.
We have a large number of Southern organizations dedicated to independence and liberty from an increasingly oppressive central government. If we can unite under the Third National and move forward as a unified people, the South can make great strides and make those that oppose us take notice. A unified movement dedicated to the Cause of Southern Independence is the best chance and most useful tactic we can implement.
For A Free and Independent South!