Did Women and Slaves Drive Dixie Down?
From: jordanwolf@bellsouth.net
To: mccurry@sas.upenn.edu
Dr. McCurry,
I just read this article and find your opinions amazing.  Slavery existed in both the North and South.  Women and Blacks did not vote anywhere in the USA.  Lincoln’s father-in-law and Ulysses S. Grant’s wife were both slaveowners. 
The Southern states exercised the rights enumerated in the Declaration of Independence.  They left the Union after their state legislatures voted for secession.  This country has never been run on a purely popular vote.
The most absurd quote was:  "What the secessionists set out to build was something entirely new in the history of nations, a modern proslavery and antidemocratic state dedicated to the proposition that all men were not created equal."  This describes most of the countries on Earth at sometime in their history.  Slavery was still legal in the Sudan when I lived there. 
You might be interested to know that thousands of free Black men fought in the Confederate Army and were paid the same as whites.  Black men in the Union Army were paid less than whites.
I should read your book but doubt you would enjoy my review of it.
Joe Jordan
Deep in Dixie