Rebels Without a Clue, Revisited
Mr. Wise,
I could not believe what I read in your article but then in todays "inclusive" world I should expect this type of ignorant speech.  It may be true that we are entitled to "free" speech, but speech does not become free when it is made of lies and falsehoods, it then becomes propaganda and that is wrong no matter what it may be about.
Your conception of the South is based upon a biased account of what you have been led to believe and what you think is right based upon what you think is the truth.  In reality, what you state is so far from the truth that you would be in Lake Michigan waiting for a fly ball from left field. What you think is true is nothing but lies built up by those who do not want the truth really known because if the truth is told, it shows that the NORTH was at fault and the British were the ones liable for the slave trade and slavery in the "new world".
I have seen the type of dribble you spew before, it comes from uneducated and ignorant people that base their ideas upon what they hear and are told and seldom if ever on FACTS as presented by others. It shows you lack of research to ensure that what you speak of is true and in that line of thinking, it shows just how uneducated you are.  If anything, the Confederate Battle Flag means more about the Constitution then the flag of the United states today. that is factual since few people even know parts of the Constitution and that is proven by the very violation of the Constitution by our newly elected President in particular Article One, Section 6, Paragraph 2 which makes it "ILLEGAL" to place Hillary Clinton in any sort of staff placement until after she leaves the Senate.  It is because of ignorance like this that our nation is about to fail and people like yourself just prove that education today does not show the truth.
Leon Puissegur