With wherein and with whom lies the blame?

From: tandpam@shawneelink.net

To quote a Fleetwood Mac song "What’s the world comin’ to?”

Since responding with a short mail regarding the removal of Confederate flags at the Old Bayview Cemetery near Corpus Christi, Tx, I have run the thoughts of how absurd that situation is and I have reached a point of lividity almost immeasurable.

Where does this mentality arrive from? Whose fault is it? We just can’t throw it off to damnyankee syndrome, because that doesn’t work. There is more to it than that.

My case in point is even in the "land of lincoln" a Confederate’s grave is protected as an AMERICAN VETERAN as it well should be.

You just let some cemetery official even try to take down the flags that my family keeps on the CSA graves up here, and whether we are as poor as dirt or not, I’ll slap a lawsuit on that party immediately. Anyone who thinks I am just talkin ‘ the talk don’t know me very well….at all!

I am furious with this latest attack on anything Confederate. More importantly I want to know who is to blame here, those that wanted them down, those who took them down, or those who let them take them down?

Southrons are gonna have to leave the easy chairs, ballgames, fishin’ whatever , and start showing up in numbers when despicable acts like this occur. There should have been mass numbers of people in Ringgold, Had they came from nowhere else but Ga. it should have been hundreds. And I am as guilty as anyone there is cause I didn’t go, but it’s the first rally, or protest I can remember missing in years.

I pray to God that the reputation that Tx has maintained since the Alamo, comes through in regards to the attacks on our Confederate heritage there. Let it come shining through like a beacon in the night. One of the Confederate states better come to the forefront and get there in a hurry. Cause people, y’all are about to lose not only your sacred symbols, but everything your kin fought and died to protect. Your heritage your identity, and everything that makes the South so special and unique.

If it continues as status quo, there wont be a flag to be found flying anywhere but in someone’s living room; and maybe not there. There won’t be any of those venerable old statues to be found on your squares, and commons. "They” those people, will melt them down to recast them into some supposed modern day communist, socialist, reformist supposed hero of civil rights or some other nonsense.

I know there are some on this list, that still, all these years later think me a yankee, I got news for y’all I am not too easily offended, but I take offense at that belief. If you prefer to see me as a yankee because of my place of birth or current residence, then fine let it be that way. But you might want to heed my words nonetheless. When flags come down off the graves of American veterans, and someone doesn’t take a stand to see that wrong righted, then ya might as well bend over and kiss your backside and all things Southron goodbye.

T Warren
Bridgeport IL.