Will the Sons of Confederate Veterans negotiate on the Civil War Memorial?
Monday, April 8, 2013

She says when Granvel Block applied for the permits from the city of Orange he called it a “veterans memorial”. But Orange lawyer Leslie Barris found out later it was something completely different.

When I saw the flyer that’s been widely distributed, uh for fundraising efforts, it’s a Confederate flag memorial. Which is a vastly different issue in my mind then veterans’ memorial. The Confederate flag is very corrosive, a very corrosive symbol to many people.

As a result, she’s asking the Orange City Council to consider a resolution “denouncing” the Confederate Flag Memorial and “it’s current location design at the Interstate 10 and Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive location”. It also asks that the Sons of Confederate Veterans consider another site and to focus on the Confederate veterans themselves rather than the symbols of the Confederacy.

And the City of Orange is doing just that.  And other things as well.

On Tuesday, the city council will discuss amending the city ordinances and add Article 7.1500 which would regulate flagpoles, flags and banners in city limits.

They will also consider the permit itself which was issued for a new veterans memorial.  And the property itself.  It’s purchase.  A swap.  Value.

Councilwoman Annette Pernell remarked:

“Something is better than nothing. The city is trying to do what is best for all citizens.”

But are Granvel Block and the Sons of the Confederate Veterans willing to negotiate?  No one knows.  They haven’t showed up at any of the meetings about the issue.

A representative of group did go to the Orange County Commissioners Court to receive the proclamation declaring April Confederate History Month.  Allen Connel said Gravel Block “had to work”.

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