Viroqua man explains why he chooses to display the Confederate flag

Ever since the election of Mr. Obama, I have displayed American and Confederate flags on my front porch in Viroqua, and have been targeted by so-called "tolerant progressives" for doing so.

I have been verbally harassed by being asked if I am a member of the KKK, a neo-Nazi or if I believe in slavery.  Furthermore, my phone line was cut on the morning of Obama’s 2008 election, according to Viroqua police. I was also told by the same "tolerant liberals" that my pro-life and McCain signs were "evil," despite the fact that I have never told my neighbors that I consider their Obama signs to represent much that is evil: the continuing unconstitutional Obamacare power grab and the "war on terror," plus the 52 million killed in America’s Holocaust against the unborn who are mostly minority girls, and Obama’s unrelenting push for out-of-control Third World immigration that will make white, conservative Christians the minority by 2030.

To understand that the Rebel flag means many things to many people, read “The History of the Confederate Flag” by Harvard University Press. To call me a Nazi or a Klansman or a slavery supporter is gross stupidity. To me, the flag means that I’m tired of being discriminated against in financial aid for school because I was told that "you are the wrong race (white)." I’m tired of an Obama-Biden-Holder federal government which will not prosecute Black Panthers in Philadelphia for denying white people the right to vote in 2008, yet they continue to encourage persecution against an Hispanic-American George Zimmerman after he was found not guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin.

Now, in light of the VFW and armory flag desecrations, the desecration of a pro-life billboard south of town, my property is enforced as Private Property/No Trespassing. My "tolerant progressive" inquisitors are neither tolerant nor peaceful, so if you don’t like my yard décor, move on quietly, and fly your own flags on your own property.

Darren Foster