Why they behave in the manner they do
From: tandpam@shawneelink.net
Chuck Sir;
Greetings from Mole Church on a chilly illannoy fall morning.
I just finished reading the latest edition of SHNV, thankful as ever that you unselfishly provide a service that acts as a lifeline to those of us stuck so far from our beloved South. So, before going any further with this post please accept a long overdue thank you from me and mine.
The opening post regarding the actions by the city of Odum GA in removing the Confederate flags that marked the funerary route to Harry Jones final resting place started my day with tears.
Harry was a camp brother of mine, and one who was dedicated to the Cause as any I ever met! Even after his health failed he continued to do all that was possible to educate the uneducated and misinformed as to the truth of that horrible war of northern arrogance 61-65 through countless school visits and living histories, as well as grave side services. It is what Camp 2022 does best, and I am damn proud of all the men of the camp, but I held Harry among the best of the best.
The last time I was in his company was nearly two years ago, when the camp held a carry in supper, meet and greet fellowship for Pam, Mayme and myself while we were in God’s country visiting.  In fact Harry was among a few that I asked to sign one of my acoustic guitars, his signature remains there as bold and clear as the night he placed it there. If I should ever need reminding what a true Southron patriot is made of, I need only look at that guitar.  My family mourns for him as well as his beloved wife and daughter who we hold dear to us as well.

Having failed miserably at recounting my feelings for a fallen brother, I will try and focus upon the subject of this post.
Those people that live and breathe to stir the hate pot, play the race card, and place a spear into the side of anything Confederate related, do it for a small number of reasons. In my opinion, those reasons include money, power be it large or small, hatred for truth in history, and they just weren’t raised up right!
Now, I do not have any cut and dried solutions to these problems, however, I for one will continue to do my best (even though I  will always fall short of giving  the honour due my ancestors and all those brave men that served in that war), but I will continue to try as did Harry to stand tall, loud and proud of the Old South and never waiver in my dedication to enlighten those in the dark as to the truth on any occasion when their paths might cross mine.   It’s not much, but it’s something.
This post dedicated to the memory of Compatriot Harry Jones, his family, and to the men and women of Capt James Knox Camp 2022 GA. Div SCV.
T. Warren Heritage Officer camp 2022
Behind Enemy lines in illannoy