Saturday, June 16, 2012
Why the Battle flag had to come down

A federal judge has ruled against the Sons of Confederate Veterans in their attempt to fly the Battle flag in Lexington, Virginia. Of course, that has Kevin Levin at Civil War Memory clucking with glee. The Battle flag shouldn’t fly in public, says Levin, because "nothing the SCV or anyone else says or does can change the flag’s symbolic connection to a history of violence and racism."

As opposed to the DC Empire’s flag?


Let’s not forget the Empire’s genocide against the American Indians, or its murder of over one million Filipinos resisting American occupation, or the half-million Iraqis who died as a result of US sanctions.

The purpose of Levin’s propaganda against the South is to demonize resistance to the central government. Levin is just another apologist of Empire who defends it by selling its self-serving version of history. Glory, glory, hallelujah, and all that stuff.

That’s why we refer to Levin as a "court historian."

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