Why states rights failed?

From: confederateson1949@yahoo.com

This is the liberal line of reasoning that has given us affirmative action and soon-to-be reparations. This guy is so typical of the Marxist elites that have been hammering our country into shape for the NWO for over the last century and a half. He really has no understanding of just what it was that our Confederate ancestors fought for. And I doubt that he really cares. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to send him a few words of wisdom.

K. Steven Monk

Dedicated to Americans who are proud of their Confederate heritage


From: brian_schneck@hotmail.com
To: confederateson1949@yahoo.com

I used to support states rights but I came to realize it would not work. First, states rights allowed the greatest evil in the world to exist until the 1860s, slavery. Second, states rights led to the Civil War which could have changed our history if the CSA prevailed. The CSA because of its racist institution of slavery would have allied itself with Nazi Germany. The world would have been changed forever not only the Jews would have been eliminated. The United States would no longer exist in this alternate and "evil" world. We would not be a democracy anymore. No freedom. No liberty. Nothing would be left. The American Revolution would have been betrayed. Nazi Germany would rule the world with the CSA as an ally or puppet state. Third, under states rights each state would do its own thing which would create conflicts between these states. The limited and weak federal government would be powerless to resolve these conflicts. Much like what happen to Yugoslavia and the former Soviet Republics. Finally, states rights opposed the civil rights of African Americans and denied that," all men are created equal…". I firmly believe there is only one race in the United States, the American. While I respect the freedom of speech for the KKK and other "hate" groups, I also firmly believe if this speech leads to violence against person and property these groups must be "crushed" and "wiped" out once and for all. States Rights would have brought about a scary and dangerous world.

Brian Schneck