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Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein- permission to forward),

I have often asked of anyone,

Do you believe in the Jeffersonian principles of Government?

And Most have answered- Yes.

And my reply to one and all thereafter, to which Many are taken aback by, is this- Well then, that makes You a Confederate.

And being a Confederate does not mean nor has it EVER meant that you are some kind of a radical, redneck, racist or socio-path that today’s Lame Street Media has conspired in having you believe is the definition of a Confederate;

Rather, being a Confederate is the consummate meaning of: One who is a Patriot of the Republic- always has been and always will be!

Having said that, let me explain what just happened in the South Carolina primary that today’s Media will NOT tell you- and the real reason why Romney lost and Lost BIG!

Romney defiled the Confederate Battle Flag and, like others before him who did the same such as: former Governor Hodges of South Carolina, former Governor Roy Barnes of Georgia and former Federal Senator Zell Miller of Georgia to name but a few, each of whom screwed the Electorate by professing to say (positive) one thing of our Battle Flag before election, and then presuming a negative posture to it after they got into office, were ALL subsequently Defeated and Cast Out.

Dixie does NOT forget BUT, Dixie has been made to think, by the Media, we have NO Power.

NEVER once will the Media ever report as to the Real Reason why ANY of these Scalawags were Defeated & Beaten. NEVER!

Why- because they don’t want YOU to realize the amount of concentrated Power YOU still have!

They ALL lost because our People Don’t Forget and once ANY of them become so obvious & so Politically-Correct in the name of Social Expediency like this Flip-Flopper from Massachusetts- Romney,  our People let them know in NO uncertain terms who’s in charge down here in Dixie!

I have been told by Many that if we were to change our ‘position’ and lose the word Confederate, then others might come to our ‘fold’.

And my reply has been and will always remain, this:

If the word Confederate has become so ‘un-appealing’ simply because of the contemporary meaning the academia, media, and politicians have affixed to it, when in fact its original meaning and purpose remains pure and just, then what type of people would we be, or those who we would ‘attract’,  by divorcing ourselves from that who we are & that which this Republic’s Principles were founded upon- A Confederation of Confederates?

You see folks, we can’t have it both ways.

Either we are who we say we are- a Republic, or NOT!

And when ANY of these snake-oil salesman like Romney claim that we are one America or that our Confederate Battle Flag is divisive, they are giving you the Sanitized and Contemporary Politically-Correct versions contained in a ‘context’ that avoids any disclosure & accountability as to what Our Confederacy and her Symbols ever were, or what they truly represented.

They are NOT speaking to YOU honestly or legitimately but are speaking AT YOU and above YOU in order to by-pass that which they & time has corrupted.

They will NEVER  honestly address ANYthing ever associated with our Battle Flag, much less Our Country & Our Military that Our Battle Flag represented who were fighting in Self-Defense resulting from Lincoln’s Illegal Invasion of our Homeland.

That is why this Massachusetts Carpet-Bagger LOST, but their Lame Street Media will NEVER admit to it or remotely ‘go there’.

The Confederate Society of America has been telling YOU of the Power YOU have here in Dixie & Elsewhere, for 20 years.

Many throughout this Country however, North, South, East & West alike, have been taught to think they were ALONE in their thoughts and ideas and that their ‘Time’ had seen better days.

Equally, that y’all were now in that ‘Minority of Yesterday’ and a ‘new-mind-set’, the likes of which were being represented ‘Everywhere’, so claimed, by the Media & Political Zealots that warranted a ‘New Approach’, was the current vogue when…….

In fact, YOU were NOT alone either in your thinking or your consternation about ALL that was going on throughout this Country. In fact, YOU were NOT that ‘Minority of Yesterday’ as they wanted you to believe but in fact, that Same Majority of Old that others would fundamentally change in the name of ‘Social Expediency’ to advance their One World Oligarchy at our Collective Expenses.

This is what has been going on folks and for some time.

America has been taken from you over time.

Romney is THE perfect example of ‘more of the same old, same old’ and has flip-flopped so many times that I am surprised he doesn’t comb his hair backwards.

And when put to any Real Litmus test like the question of the Confederate Battle Flag, he reacts as the consummate Bureaucrat he has always been & that which he truly represents.

At day’s end, and NO matter your personal thoughts, I think the real question that will always remain most Omni-present is this:

Do you believe that this Duopoly of RepublicRats will ever reverse course and steer this Country back onto a Course associated with that of a Constitutional Republic?

Respectfully, I do not.

I am of the opinion that Two Country’s can and Must exist within these contiguous States.

Let Washington go there way and let those who believe in that ‘Social Democracy’, so willing, follow them.

And let those who subscribe to a Confederated Republic, based upon those Jeffersonian Principles of Government, go theirs.

It is apparent and obvious that the Two Cannot exist under ‘One Roof’ as the Ideology’s associated with each are vastly different.

This does NOT have to result in a Revolution to decide but, must be addressed sooner or later as it is becoming quite clear that Washington’s Hegemony & Demagoguery  have now become intrinsically disadvantageous to OUR Civil Liberty’s & Independence which their current ‘Acts of Legislation’ clearly violate.

And, if the last 50 years is any example of what can be expected 50 years from now, who will ever be the wiser to question or remotely ask, ‘why, or how in the hell did this ever come to be’?

When the Confederate Republic Lost, so Too did Two Country’s…but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time.

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America

Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations & Staunch Supporters Endorsing the Full Restoration of that Confederate Republic that Never Surrendered!

Deo Vindice.

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