Why Restore The Confederacy?

There are a goodly number of people, myself included, that believe restoring the Confederacy, as a Christian nation, is the only viable solution to restoring our rights to property and family.

We are attempting a feat never before performed in history, the re-staffing a dormant government by the common people. Every other scheme, presented to Southerners, has been hatched by moneyed interests or academics with no apparent knowledge of how our government was supposed to work. In every instance, the group starts at the top and appoints “leaders” rather than letting leaders develop from the bottom up.

Governments are instituted by man to protect their rights, not to become a permitting or denying overseer of slaves. That, however, is where we stand, today. Let’s look at some of the scams we have been subjected to.

Driver’s License; This scam was instituted as a “safety” measure. The logic was, if you had a license, it certified that you had passed some sort of proficiency test. Have you ever seen a Driver’s License prevent an accident? I haven’t. It’s a means of population control that you pay some bureaucrat to exercise over you.

CC License; Why do you, a law abiding citizen with the power to arrest, have to ask another bureaucrat for permission to carry your firearm in any manner you so choose? Again, you pay to be disarmed unless you have the States permission to be armed. This is nuts! We are told to call the Police and let them take care of the problem.

That might be fine if you can call Police but, if you are confronted by an armed criminal, they are not going to allow you to call anyone but God and you had better be quick about that! If you are being beaten senseless, calling the Police isn’t an option. After all, they are only minutes away, maybe. They will, certainly, take a report and even cover your cooling body with some type of cover while you await the corner. If you survive, you are as likely as the criminal to be arrested.

Hunting License; When did the State (King) become the owner of our game? There are still families that hunt for subsistence. Why must they be forced to starvation by a State that cares nothing for them and views them as enemies?

Fishing License; See Hunting License, above.

Income Tax; The misapplication of this tax is so fraught with government sanctioned fraud, everyone associated with the collection should be hanged. For a law to be valid, it must be easily understood by all. The tax code of the US, and its implementing regulations, is designed to imply that everything you bring in is taxable. It isn’t! If you read the code, it is very specific about what is, or is not, taxable. Most people read the list of possible sources as if that is the definition of taxable income. I assure you, that is not the case. It is just a list to keep the gullible quite and compliant.

Not one penny of Income Tax goes to pay a cent towards government “services” or toward the debt. Its only function is to reduce you disposable income and keep you in penury servitude.

In the interest of brevity, these are just a few examples off the top of my head. Think about all the permits and just what is their purpose and who ceded authority to enforce them against a free people. I didn’t even touch upon the expectation for the taxpayer to bail out every business that fails from greed or shady business practices.

None of this will be allowed in a restored Confederacy. A freeman should have a reasonable expectation that his labor will benefit his family first, his church second and his government dead last. It is up to you, will we restore our freedom under a government of our making or will we fall along with those too scared to do anything with the US government?

Learn more at the web site of the provisional government and register so your vote counts in the coming efforts: http://www.csagov.org/

Deo Vindice

Dennis Joyce
Federation of States