Why remove flag?

I am appalled by Muvico theater’s craven capitulation to the pecksniffs, thinskins, political correctness drummers, anti-historical ideologues, and other ignoramuses who caused the whitewashing, literally, of the attractive and historically correct mural at its new movie house.

Where do they think they are, Minnesota? More soldiers, Union and Confederate, were killed, maimed, wounded, and left for dead in greater Fredericksburg than in any other comparable area of the country.

As for Virginia, Pickett’s Division of Virginians marched across a mile of open field at Gettysburg into the mouths of Union artillery loaded with grapeshot.

They did not do that because of slavery (the reductio ad absurdum excuse for obliterating any symbol of the Confederate states, as if the bloodiest conflict in American history had only one side).

They fought for their state, family, friends, and especially each other (as all true soldiers do) and to repel an invasion of their homeland by those bent on their destruction.

As for Muvico, it may find that it has engendered a greater reaction than it intended by its pusillanimous surrender on this issue on the eve of the 150th commemoration of the conflict.

We are proud of our Civil War history, all of it, in this area.

Herbert C. Huser