Why would a man of God remove something from grave?

Letters to the editor

April 29, 2009

Why would a man of God remove something from grave?

The article on the front page of Friday’s Opelika-Auburn News, “Dowdell removes flags from Confederate graves,” was very disturbing. The very idea that an individual, especially one who claims to be a man of God, would stoop so low as to go into a cemetery and remove something placed on a loved ones grave!

Does he not realize that this is not a black and white thing but a lack of respect? Does he not realize that black men fought for that Confederate flag along side their white brothers-friends? If he does not agree with the foreign wars the U.S. has been involved in and lost young people in, will he go to their gravesite and desecrate our American flag? I hope not.

He stated that the Confederate flags placed on these graves were offensive to him. My question is this: If he is walking down the street and someone with a piece of apparel on that is offensive to him is walking toward him, is he going to rip that apparel off the individual and rip it apart? If someone went to the gravesite of one of his loved ones and removed something he had placed there, he would once again claim the headlines and demand that some legal action be taken against the individual. In the past people have gone to cemetery plots and removed/stolen flowers/plants and if they were apprehended they were prosecuted. Does this now not apply to Dowdell?

My last question is: Would a man of God go to a sacred place where a loved one is placed and do such a thing? Please think long and hard before you answer.

Wanda Hildreth