Why I fly the ‘Stars and Bars’

I’ve been watching for a response to the gentleman who was asking why the Confederate flag? If there was any, I missed it.

Well, since I display the "Stars and Bars," I will try to answer him.

There were many good Americans who fought and died under that flag. They were fighting for what they believed in, the right of the people to govern themselves.

They went into the battles with this in mind, but came out with their freedom subject to a strong tyrannical central government.

The states lost their sovereignty.

All the major problems we have today, with an ever-expanding federal government delving into every aspect of our personal lives, can be traced back to the Civil War. Unfortunately, the wrong side won.

I have not thrown in the towel. I pray this country will get back to the constitutional republic as it was founded. President Lincoln was the first to majorly assault the Constitution, and those who followed continued the pattern until here we are today. In particular, we need to respect the 10th Amendment.

Until this happens, I will proudly display the "Stars and Bars" as well as "Don’t Tread on Me."