Why Fly the Confederate Flag?

From: wildbill4dixie@yahoo.com
To: redeye@foxnews.com

Re: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,362444,00.html

I’m no genealogist but my guess is you’re a descendent of “Lord Numb-Nuts”, not “Lord Num Num”.

“Joe Stabler”? “Dwight Craig”? Is that some obtuse attempt at humor or is your memory so impaired that you synthesized 4 ex-NFL players into 2? In case it’s a result of faulty memory, the players in question were, Joe Montana, Kenny Stabler, Dwight Clark and Roger Craig. By the way, Stabler was an Oakland Raider, not a 49er. Maybe the problem is that you don’t see any importance in remembering the past, so you can’t remember events from 20 years ago much less 150?

Some quick suggestions:

**stock up on some Aricept and Ginkgo-Biloba to help with your memory impairment

**Hire a proof reader! “Joe Stabler”? “Dwight Craig”? Very embarrassing, for both you and FOX.

**Seek professional help about those fetishes of yours – or at least keep them to yourself. We’re not interested in your desire to “do” it with a woman who’s been dead for 12 years and who, if she were alive, would be about 96 years old. For me at least, that’s more than I wanted to know

**lay off the hooch and the drugs – these things kill brain cells. You lose any more and you’ll be joining old “Minnie”

**Stop making fun of people who are able remember their past, who know who they are and where they come from, and stop trying to portray them as stupid, ignorant or out of touch. It doesn’t make you look cool – it makes you look mean-spirited and shallow.

**Finally, I’d love to see you do a similar article lampooning other groups celebrating their past. Do me a favor – do a similar article during black history month, or, a piece on exactly how many streets in this country are named for Martin Luther King. I want to see how long you keep your job. Can you spell P-I-N-K S-L-I-P???

Bill Vallante
Commack NY