Why Do I Fight/An Open Letter

From: hk.edgerton@gmail.com

On this morning of March 25, 2013, as I sat trying to forge a letter and a mock brief to Dr. Neil Payne Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Southern Legal Resource Center in a request to file a negligence lawsuit suit against the Congress of the United States for its failure to curb the activities of the NAACP, a 501C3 non-profit organization and other organizations that come under its rule and regulation as they continue to desecrate the Congressional Venerated symbol known as the Confederate Battle Flag, and the monuments of the soldiers that carried it; I would be faced by one of my babies who would be denied to participate in a film asking for extras participating as Confederate soldiers because he was 13 years of age.
Young Ewing Willis somewhat disappointed would follow his comrades to the film shooting to my total outrage because this was historically inaccurate as I was reminded by the Honorable Roger McCredie that the last surviving Confederate soldier, the Honorable Walter Williams of Texas like so many of his peers entered the war at the age of nine. I told my babies that Ewing should don the uniform of the Confederate soldier as they should all do, but only do so to protest the film, and not participate in it. However, I was told that the boys should go for the experience, and the $8.00 an hour that they would receive.
Just like the many times I have had to bite my tongue and watch as Southerners support those who stick it to us  ; the Boy Scouts of America, American Legion Post#2 in Knoxville, Tennessee, John McCain, Mitt Romney, James Carville, and now former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton who in an interview with John Stossel proclaim that it was right to kill thousands of Confederates and their families without due process; I again ask myself why do I put my life on the line every day if my Southern family won’t civil rights fight, or at the very least support those of us who will.
And then I would remind myself of the Honorable Paul McClaren of Mississippi, Ms. Emily McDonald of Tennessee, Justin Michael Williams of Missouri, the seven men of the DuPont company in Virginia, young Candice Yvonna Hardwick of Latta, South Carolina who I wrote a letter to the President asking for a Presidential Pardon, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Dixie Outfitters, young Caleb Abbott who wrote and gave an oral report about my work for my homeland during so called Black History Month, or the throngs of folks who champion my Stand in Dixieland with a great deal of love. While still unhappy and unable to find out the whereabouts of this film making so that I too could don my uniform with the Southern Cross in hand not to participate, but to protest this filming; I would continue on with my brief and letter to Dr. Payne and forward this letter to Ms. Juli Emmons (thewmsextras@gmail.com) who is in charge of the extras in the cast. God bless you.
Your brother,
HK Edgerton