Why a Southern Party?

Many ask, “Why a Southern Party …?”

As the Southern Party of Georgia struggles through the trials and tribulations of building a grass roots effort, we are asked many questions.

Many ask, "… why a Southern Party of Georgia."

Since virtually all things Southern are considered politically incorrect, many claim we would achieve an increase in support if we dropped Southern and chose some other name.

Since few deny that political correctness is running amok in our State and country, this is a fair question and deserves a response:

To begin, our long term goal is to Restore the Principles upon which our country was founded. We are losing these Founding Principles at an increasing rate and many people share our concern. Our immediate priority is to begin an effort to Restore these Principles. Our goal is not Party over Principle, it is to re-establish our Founding Principles as a viable subject in today’s political debate.

The politically correct, liberals (or whatever term you choose) have selected Southern Heritage as their primary target for their concentrated attacks. Few would disagree with this fact; even the politically correct openly admit it themselves.

The reason is very simple. Southern Heritage is one of the foundations of American Liberty. The spirit of freedom and liberty was first raised to a high pitch by Patrick Henry, a Southern man. The principle author of the Declaration of Independence of these united States was Thomas Jefferson, a Southern man. The leader of the War of Secession from the English Crown (13 of 17 English Colonies) was George Washington, a Southern Man. The principle architect of the Constitution was James Madison, a Southern man. This list could go on and on with the major contributions of Southern men to our Founding Principles; such as Randolph, Lee, Mason and Pinckney.

Yes there were other patriots, but the mark of Southern men is undeniable. It was primarily Southern political ideology that resulted in the establishment of a Constitutional Republic (united States) of Republics (sovereign States) instituting a just society. The "Constitution of these United States" is a contract between the People and their elected representatives based on the recognition of unalienable rights (derived from God not man), limited authority, separation of powers, and trial by jury. These are among the Founding Principles which are paramount to the protection of Life, Liberty, and Property.

Through the years, ever since our still celebrated Secession from the English Crown, the South has held these principles more dear, and with stronger conviction than any other region of the country.

It is for this reason that Southern Heritage is the primary target of the politically correct. They know that the Southern way of life must be discredited for them to be successful in re-defining these united States.

Anyone who claims to believe in our Founding Principles should not only give this some serious thought, but do their own research on the subject.

Now, back to the question of: Why the name – Southern Party?

It is very simple. To restore something that has been, for the most part lost, in this case our Founding Principles, you have to return to the basics. You have to understand the foundation upon which these Principles were built.

We do not believe that it is possible to understand The Principles upon which our country was founded, if you do not also understand Southern Heritage.

Southern Heritage is an integral part of our history and the foundation on which American Liberty was created.

You can not understand American Liberty, the Constitutional Principles and Our Founding Principles if you are so influenced by, or in some cases afraid of, the power of the politically correct that you join them in discrediting a major portion of that foundation.

The politically correct understand this and work diligently to exterminate and discredit Southern Heritage. We do not and will not bend to political correctness. To whatever extent we receive your support, we are committed to working diligently to stop political correctness run amok in our country and States.

We have now completed four years of this effort. In some areas we have accomplished more than we (and many others) expected. The inverse is also true – in some areas we have fallen short of our goals.

In summary: "Why A Southern Party?"

Despite our small size and politically incorrect name, there is now a voice for those who believe in returning to our founding principles and ending the reign of political correctness run amok in our land.

We hope that you not only enjoy our newspaper but find it both educational and interesting. Unlike the glossy brochures provided by other political parties, we offer a newspaper. Instead of a brochure that says very little we offer you 16 pages of information on our views on issues of today. If you agree – we hope that you will consider joining us in working to restore Our Founding Principles.

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