Why am I a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans?

Men of the camp and friends.

I was cleaning out some files in my computer and found a wonderful letter. I want to share this with you. Sometimes when things don’t go well some of us may ask why do we do this, Why do we go through all that we do? Well if you need to recharge just take a read on the letter below.
This was written by Dean Boggs, of the Kirby Smith Camp, # 1209, Jacksonville Florida.
March 25, 1979


Alvin Lee Kyle III
Commander, 16th Brigade
Florida Division SCV.

Past Commander,
Capt. Winston Stephens Camp #2041
Macclenny, Baker County, FL.

Kyle Motto…Faith Fears Not.
Why am I a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans?

BECAUSE I have a deep sense of loyalty to my family and that especially includes my Great Grandfather, who, as a private in the Confederate Army, with no hope of recognition except that his sacrifice would be remembered by his family, gave his life in defense of his country, his home and for those who would come after him.

BECAUSE I have so much to be proud of in the Confederate Army. It’s brilliant fight, under conditions of extreme privation, against an enemy overwhelming in numbers and equipment, so won in admiration of the world that 100 years later, a group of retired British Army and Navy officers organized the Confederate Historical Society of Great Britain, headquartered in London, to study it’s campaigns. In 1974, a group of Belgians organized the Confederate Historical Society of Belgium, based in Brussels, for the same reason and purpose. The Southern Skirmisher’s Association in England re-enacts battles of the War. Some members have to wear the Blue but typical of the sentiment, is one sturdy English Confederate who told a reporter: "…one Southern fighting man was worth two Yankees. I would never be anything but a Southerner."

No other army in history has been paid such a tribute by foreigners over a century after the war in which it was engaged. Are foreigners to admire and honor the valor of the Confederate soldier in my family while I remain indifferent?

BECAUSE I believe in the promise of the Man of Galilee, of life after death. As my Great Grandfather looks down upon me from Valhalla of Confederate heroes, I want him to know that I am not ungrateful, that I remember and honor his bravery and sacrifice.

BECAUSE I am a proud Southerner. I am proud of the culture, grace and elegance of the Old South. I love the Confederate Flag and "Dixie" as stirring symbols of my heritage. I take pride in the earlier leading role the Old South played in the Revolutionary War, the founding of the United States and drafting of it’s Constitution. I love The Star Spangled Banner and the Stars and Stripes as the Flag of the United States, and I served under that Flag in World War II.

BECAUSE our Southern heritage has served our nation well since 1865. No section has surpassed the South in percentage of volunteers to defend our country in time of war. The traditional Southern adherence to our free enterprise system, with it’s liberty and opportunity for all, has been the bulwark against the trend towards the dictatorship of the welfare state with it’s liberty and opportunity for none.

BECAUSE my membership is not only duty, but a pleasure. It has inspired me to become much better informed about my own family history and heritage and to record it for my children’s benefit. I have become better informed about the greatest war ever fought by Americans. I enjoy our social activities, the association with ladies and gentlemen of like background, and the many warm friendships that resulted, both locally, and all over the South.

Those of us who belong to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, do so:

"In testimony of our love, recalling deeds immortal,
heroism unsurpassed.
"With ranks unbroken, ragged, starving and decimated,
the Southern soldier for duty’s sake,
Undaunted stood to the front of the battle until no light
remained to illumine the field of carnage,
Save the luster of his chivalry and courage."

"Nor shall your glory be forgot
While fame her record keep
Or honor points the hallowed spot
Where valor proudly sleeps."

March 25, 1979

Dean Boggs
Kirby-Smith Camp, No. 1209
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Jacksonville, Florida