Whose Heritage?

From: cscitizen@alltel.net
To: frank_cerabino@pbpost.com


Mr. Cerabino, My Southern Heritage is my Southern heritage & that of many millions of other Americans also.

I find certain things about the heritage of others just as offensive as they say mine is to them.

However, unlike them, I realize that is a part of freedom & that being offended is NOT against the law nor should it ever be.

The Confederate flag does not conjure up images of lynchings & Jim Crow to me because this flag was not designed for that purpose. It was designed & used by our Southern Armies on the battlefield & reminds me of the monumental odds my ancestors faced & fought so valiantly against for so long.

If others are not smart enough to do this research then why should we be held accountable because of their ignorance on this subject? Getting a truthful education on the subject would help them more than running around demanding that everyone give up their history, heritage, culture & all symbols of it because they claim to be offended by mine or just simply refuse to accept the true facts regarding it. Its more about minorities using this flag today to gain political power than it ever was about being upset over the symbols of our history.

A case in point, when I hear an Italian surname like Cerabino is it alright for me to assume you are in the mafia because you have an Italian name? Enuff said?

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama