Who Should be Ashamed of Their Heritage?
by Jeff Adams

Recently I had the chance to have lunch with several businessmen from up north. Although I observed the usual pleasantries of a business lunch, I found myself assaulted the moment these men heard my Southern accent. Trying to remain professional, at first I smiled, and just ignored the oh-so-typical comments that we Southerners have all heard way too often from grossly uninformed Yankees. At one point, I started to falter and couldn’t help myself. I pointed out that they might put those holes under their noses to better use by shoveling more food in and letting less hot air out. I really tried to be nice, but the attitudes of these fellows were so bad that I might as well have been a black man walking into a KKK barbeque. I was judged and convicted without any evidence. Who says Southerners don’t understand bigotry?

For most of my life, when I’ve interacted with Americans who were not Southerners, I’ve often, but not always, been treated to anti-Southern bigotry. These people always try to force on me their concept of how a Southerner thinks and acts, and the facts be damned. They always try to act like I’m some uneducated hick who hasn’t seen anything of the world beyond my own back yard. They often insist I’m racist, even if we’ve never talked about race (so how would they know if I am a racist? Are they mind readers? If so, they haven’t been reading my mind.)

Too often I see this kind of action by Americans who are non-Southerners, and too often the response from Southerners is to try and dampen their accents, deny their roots and try to conform to some other region’s ideology. Why? What do we really have to be ashamed of? Granted, Southerners are flawed humans like everyone else, but that’s just the point; no one else is perfect, so who are they to judge us? Southerners aren’t the ones who should be ashamed of their heritage. It is those who’ve betrayed the original union of American states who should be ashamed. It is those who denounce and stomp on the Constitution that was meant to protect our freedoms, the likes of which have never been seen before in the history of the world, who should be ashamed.

In my opinion, it should be the Yankees and the Left-Coasters who should be ashamed. They are the ones who have betrayed the American founders. They are the ones who have worked so aggressively to overturn the Constitution, violate our rights enshrined in that document, and bring on a ‘socialist utopia’ here in America. Southerners have nothing more to be ashamed of than any other region of America, and lots to be proud of. Northerners and Left-Coasters who advocate socialistic ideology, and support tyrannical actions by government, and leftist organizations are the ones who should be ashamed. Anyone who reflexively bows to the central state, and then questions the patriotism of those who do not are not keeping with the traditional view of our forefathers concerning the role of government (nor the role of citizens in preventing abusive government). Those of us who ask first, ‘Is this action by the central government permitted by the Constitution?’ are keeping the faith with our heritage as Americans more so than those who emotionally wave the flag in the heat of the moment or those who promote political correctness. In fact, these types of people could be considered traitors to their forefathers and to the ideas of liberty and freedom.

For decades (13 plus), Yankees have worked to convert the minds of Southerners so they will see themselves as people who are unfit to rule themselves, and capable of nothing other than being evil creatures that mistakenly stalk the American continent. The goal of these far-left socialists today is the same goal of their ancestor’s generations ago: wipe out Southern thought, Southern ways and Southern distinctiveness. They clamour for the death of Southern culture while claiming those things they do approve of from the South as being ‘American culture.’

For many Southerners, they’ve been beat over the head all their lives about how bad they are and how bad their ancestors were, to the point that they’ve developed a guilt complex that demands they slam their ancestors and commit acts of ‘heritage genocide,’ for fear they might be ostracized from mainstream society. Where else do we see people taking part in eradicating their own history and heritage, regardless of how subtle or benign their acts are?

Southerners need to stop standing quietly by with their heads hung in shame. The only shame we might possibly have is for not doing more sooner to halt the decline of what’s left of our republic. We need to turn the tables on our ‘oppressors.’ Rather than stand by and allow our children to be educated with Yankee history books, by teachers trained in ‘Yankee ways,’ we should insist on, and even get involved in, having our children taught the truth. As a matter of fact, we should work to educate the children of Yankees who’ve dared to move South. We should convert their children into good Southerners rather than let them come here and try to convert our kids into cookie-cutter Yankees.

The socialists of the North and Left-Coast have been working their misdeeds for generations, ‘indoctrinating’ our kids, undermining their self-esteem and denying them their rightful, honorable heritage. It is time for us to step forward and say, ‘Now it’s our turn,’ and give some true ‘enlightenment’ to these neo-Neanderthal Northerners that have chosen to live in Dixie, and their offspring as well.