Who’s Really Running This Show? (Subtle hint: it ain’t the president)

By Al Benson Jr.

Have you ever had the impression that, in politics, what you see isn’t really what you get? Ever get the feeling that whoever the current occupant of the White House is, no matter which party he’s from, he’s little more than a talking head? He may not have an original thought of his own but there is someone behind the scenes passing him an agenda they want enacted and telling him “Okay Dim Bulb, this is what we want done. Get it done for us and you’ll be okay. Mess up and you’re in big trouble.”

All you have to do is look at our last two or three presidents and you have to realize this scenario is more and more a strong possibility.

Ever look at the media, even the so-called “conservative” media, and feel you re not quite getting the whole story? I remember, years ago, reading a book called “I was an NKVD Agent.” It was written by a former Soviet secret policeman who had been dropped behind allied lines during the Second World War to gain information. He was to give the appearance of a refugee from Communism and to do that he had to say some things about how bad it was in the Soviet Union. He was told by his handlers before he came over that he could criticize his country for its poor people–every country has them. He could criticize it for its prisons–everyone has those, too, but the minute he criticized the principles of Marxism/Leninism and they found out, they would come and get him. And so he told enough truth to get by, but by no means all of it.

After reading that book I watched all the so-called refugees from the Soviet Union that I heard about in the news to see just what they said. Most of them told us how bad it was over there, how corrupt the government was, and all the rest, but very few ever contradicted the principles of Marxism. That told me something.

We have the same situation in this country now with much of our “conservative” media. Oh, they will rant about how bad Obama is and how bad his health care program is and they will even take an occasional pot shot at the New World Order. That’s all good as far as it goes, but what are their solutions to the problems we face? Some of them say, we need to elect more Republicans to Congress. That was tried in the mid-1990s and it didn’t work. All we got then were Newt Gingrich and a whole batch of other phony conservatives who did nothing to slow down the socialist trend in Washington. Oh they talked a good fight but the action didn’t match the rhetoric. They’d learned long ago that you could fool people with the right words and they’d never pay attention to what you did. So they talked the talk and didn’t walk the walk.

Over the years, I watched William F. Buckley and Rush Limbaugh do their thing. They both gave you a certain amount of truth, but it seemed to me that they stopped way short of where you really needed to go and their solutions to the country’s problems were rather truncated. There were certain areas they never dealt with. What’s more, they discouraged others from dealing in them. One was groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and other such groups. Most conservative commentators today won’t deal with such groups. You have to wonder why. They certainly have to be aware of them, yet they ignore them. Yet these groups have, over the decades, played a monumental role in the governing of this country. How many cabinet positions in the administrations of the last 3 or 4 presidents we’ve had have been filled by CFR retreads? More than you want to know about. If you don’t know about the CFR you might be tempted to wonder why your favorite conservative talk show host hasn’t bothered to mention it. It is one of the foremost engines for world government in this hemisphere. It’s been around since about 1919. Check it out on the Internet.  How many people in the media, education, politics, entertainment and other areas have been and are in the CFR? How many religious leaders?

Recently, James Perloff, author of the book “Shadows of Power” was interviewed on an Internet radio show. Someone called in with a question for him and asked: “I was curious if Fox News is owned by the Council on Foreign Relations.” Mr. Perloff’s answer was “Any major media organ that is allowed to reach the public’s ear is under control of the CFR and its allies.” A sobering thought for the devotees of Fox News.

In the interview it was noted that Glenn Beck, on Fox News, has slammed world government, and Mr. Perloff was asked how he reconciled that fact to his comments. Perloff replied: “Over the years they (Illuminati) have recognized that they need to control every stripe of oppositions, and therefore they have channeled money into anarchist publications, into conservative publications, and certainly William F. Buckley was their white collar conservative, he was a member of the CFR, a member of the Yale skull and bones fraternity. William F. Buckley was sort  of given to conservatives, so they can think they have a voice within the media… and I sort of look of Rush Limbaugh, to a certain extent…as their blue collar conservative…” Mr. Perloff’s thoughts in that area echoed mine. And in case you don’t know who the Illuminati that he mentioned were, they were a group of world government advocates back in the 1800s and before, that hired a lazy, shiftless hack writer named Karl Marx to write “The Communist Manifesto.” If you chance to get to look at a copy of the first edition of that document you will note that Marx’s name is not even on it. It was their agenda, not his, but they let him put his name on the later editions. So you see we are not dealing with a new problem here. The Marxist Obama may be a major problem, but he’s not our first major problem. In this country, one of our first major problems in government was Abraham Lincoln (unless you go all the way back to Alexander Hamilton).

Many astute observers have noted that the Illuminati–the One World government freaks–have long ago recognized that Bible believing Christians and genuine patriotic conservatives have desired to have a voice in national affairs that we think represents our side of the story. So, in order that we not have a real voice of reason for our position, they promote and finance what we call “false flags”–people who will give us a little of the truth but will give us false solutions to the problems we face so that we are sidetracked from real solutions. This is one reason the establishment will promote phony conservatives like Gingrich, Mitt Romney, John McCain and others of like stripe and will studiously avoid people like Ron Paul, or if they do mention him, they will paint him as some sort of extremist.

They recognize that Christians want conservative voices to be raised and so they give us people like Richard Land, one of the main officers in the Southern Baptist Convention–who just happens to be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. This is the man who is telling everyone that Christians really want amnesty for all the illegal aliens in this country when actually the opposite is mostly true. The vast majority of the Christians I talk to are opposed to amnesty for those people. So, instead of promoting pastors like Chuck Baldwin, who tells people the truth about what is going on, they try to ignore him and promote “conservatives” like Richard Land who will say what they want us to hear.

We need to be much more discerning about the so-called “conservatives” we listen to and support. If they rant about One World Government then we should ask them for specifics–who controls these One World efforts? What can they tell us about the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberger group and others. Will they be willing to expose members of these groups that serve currently and have served in government in the past and tell us about some of their leftist connections? If they refuse to deal with these kinds of issues then we have reason to question just where they are really coming from.

If they rant about Obama’s Marxist connections (and there are many) ask them about Jimmy Carter’s Rockefeller connections and where the Rockefellers are in relation to One World Government.

I have been supportive of the Tea Party Movement, but these folks need to start doing some homework. When they do, they will find out that we have had the problems they protest against for decades. This is not new with Obama. He’s just the tip of the collectivist-socialist iceberg.

If you want a little background in these areas try to get hold of two books by Gary Allen, (now deceased) called “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” and ‘The Rockefeller File.” These were originally published back in the 1970s but I think some of the material in them may be on line. Check it out and do a little homework.

Content ©2010  Al Benson Jr.

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