From: "Craig Maus" –
Date: March 5, 2010
Subject: Who is The Confederate Alliance- an explanation.

Dear Brethren (A Reply to Many),
Many years ago The Confederate Society of America set out on a mission to unite the many organizations across the South under one flag.
The key difference in this monumental undertaking, from others, was that the Society did not seek, wish or desire autonomy over any of these organizations.  Rather, we wanted each and every one to retain their individual autonomy and to be self sufficient.
The Society believed in a Confederated approach just like that of our Confederacy.  The Society also believed that coming together as individual organizations, in the long run, would prove far more productive & beneficial for all involved.  If in turn a Communications Network between us could be realized, it to would prove far more advantageous for everyone as well.
We in the Society realized that Confederates have various levels of differences & priorities.  A key stumbling block in the past towards independent unification has simply been these differences & priorities, but that should not prevent us from collaborating and working together.  Such impediments have only helped to serve our enemies while segregating ourselves from one another & preventing the Movement from advancing.
Thus, by undertaking the approach we took, EACH organization can prioritize on what they believe to be THEIR top priority & retainTHEIR autonomy without sacrificing or jeopardizing UNITY & productivity in the bargain.
Unfortunately, there were some who who did not embrace this approach.  Rather, they insisted on a ‘single-organization’ approach wherein they & their cadre alone would establish what they deemed to be the proper approach while making ALL decisions for everyone.
The Society viewed this as just another top/down approach & no different than that of the existing Federal style.
The Society believed & continues to believe that a structure of this type is an invitation for the same problems that confronts this Nation at present.  The Society holds steadfast to the belief that our men & women are our best natural resource and are more than capable of representing themselves.  History clearly distinguishes that difference and the ideology behind each as evidenced before 1865 & that which has followed since 1865.
When others were calling themselves Southerners and referring to The Southern Movement, WE WERE REFERRING TO OURSELVES AS CONFEDERATES and referring to our mission as THE CONFEDERATE MOVEMENT.  We do NOT mix words and we do NOT hide or run away from that which we are! 
We are NOT politically-correct because we KNOW WHO WE ARE & ARE DAMN PROUD OF IT.  We apologize to NO ONE. If anything, people should be apologizing to us for what they have done to us.
Thus, the creation of The Confederate Alliance after many, many years of hard & difficult work.  Although it continues as a work in progress, many organizations have come on board and have joined it.
Years ago I was told that you couldn’t get 3-‘Southerners’ in a room without a fight breaking out and that any attempt at an Alliance stood about a snowballs chance in hell of ever being realized.  I never believed that for one moment.  Confederates are fiery yes, but why wouldn’t they be after all they have gone through?
To me this was an excuse for either not trying or an excuse to create and promote the ‘single organization’ argument.  What I saw was not disagreement but Passion & Pride!  And all they needed was another chance to organize as Confederates in Common and take back that which was taken from them.
After all, who was the best in Lincoln’s War against the Republic against immeasurable odds?  Rekindle that Passion & Pride of old and let them take command… just needed explanation and some ole fashioned one and one from the shoulder to the shoulder as the saying goes and ‘Johnny’ can do for himself rather nicely again!
The second issue in the galvanization of the Alliance required TRUST & RESPECT before all else!  This would prove to be the most difficult task of any as it would require many trips and many meetings on the back roads and in the foothills.  I decided to make that my personal undertaking and after each of our Conventions across the South, I traveled the back roads over the next 10 days or so to meet and speak with many of our folks.  I believed it was my responsibility to educate myself and get to know them if a Confederate Alliance was to stand a chance.  Conventions and meetings are fine but they cannot address TRUST & RESPECT in a 72-hour time period.  As president of the Society I have made it my business to reach out to our fine folks, however & wherever possible.  I’ve slowed down a bit over these 17 years as I’m cresting 66 soon and I’m no longer 48 as when I started but I continue, along with my Brethren, to persevere.
And it is to this end I am happy to report, that the Confederate Alliance was established & continues to grow as a result.
Many of you have asked- HOW DOES IT WORK?
First, there is NO fees associated with joining the Alliance.  Secondly, there is NO prerequisites as to size (membership) for any organization wishing to join.
Thirdly, you must agree that you understand & agree to the two basic but key points upon which the mechanism of the Alliance is based:
A) That you are Confederate, not Southern or SouthRon but Confederate and,
B) You recognize and agree that the Southern States remain in a state of secession to this very day and that you will seek the restoration of the legal government of the South- our Confederate States of America.
(It is important to note that ‘some’ organizations have conveniently dodged and sidestepped these questions. In this manner, no one can ever say to their membership that they did not know who they were joining or what their intended mission was.)  
Thus the leadership of all organizations is able to confer with one another in helping to broaden & improve the Communications Network between us.  All potential inquiries for entry into the Alliance is carefully screened & checked for the obvious reasons.  We do not want any ‘weak-sisters’ who can jeopardize the legitimacy of our Mission.  It has taken many years of hard work to get where we are & we will NOT allow that to be compromised.
Which Organizations Are in the Alliance?
>  Each of the organizations within the Confederate Alliance can presently be found listed in the Society’s webpage ( on its Alliance page.
> Their logo’s, websites and leaders’ names accompany each of them.
Our webmaster has created direct links to each of them so all you have to do is ‘hit their link’ and y’all will immediately go to them.
That in a nutshell is it!  Its development has taken time but this initiative required proper planning, trust and understanding as mentioned.  Its creation is a testament to that same Confederate resolve & dedication that was exhibited long ago when we simply said enough was enough and decided to leave Lincoln’s nefarious ‘union’ for the same identical reasons that is destroying that ‘union’ today.
When some were running away or making excuses for not using the word Confederate, we were proclaiming our status loud and clear.  We consider it a Badge of Courage & an Honour of Distinction.  We do NOT run away from our past as some have suggested but rather, we embrace it proudly & admirably for the noble entity it represented & will represent AGAIN!  We are not card-carrying hate mongers that Washington has made us out to be….that is merely a tactical ploy to divorce everyone from the history they have stolen from us while advancing themselves at our expense!
I have tried my best to create a foundation based upon those age-old characteristics that were once the bread & butter of this country- Honour, Loyalty, Tradition, Heritage, Culture & Respect.  If you retain these and keep God at your helm, then your Individual Liberties will endure against all else.  One does not need to be a ‘rocket-scientist’ to understand this, but I suppose when you’re trying to steal everything from everyone like Washington, this will never make any sense because its basis makes entirely too much sense….as in ‘Common Sense’.
Well, that’s pretty much it.  I hope I have answered each of your many questions. 

Again its worth mentioning that our people do NOT need anyone telling them what to do.
They are the captains of their own ships and are more than capable of handling their own business.
I have always believed in ‘Teaching a Man how to fish rather than giving him a fish’. That’s how I learned and I believe its a damn good creed.  It will make us better neighbors & respectful of one another and collectively, we can all prosper and live in peace.
As I told the first man I came in contact with many years ago, one Calvin Johnson over in Georgia who I remain in contact with to this very day-‘we could all get to where we want a helluva lot faster if we put all the horses in front of the wagon rather than splitting the team and putting them at opposite ends of the other.’
When The South Lost, So TOO Did This Entire Nation, but Only We Knew it at The Time!
ALL Roads Lead to 1865!
For God, Family and The Confederacy,
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of the Legal Government of The South- The Confederate States of America.
One For All and All For One.
No More, Evermore.
PS- Will YOU join us NOW?
‘When Government Becomes Absolute, the People Must Become Resolute’
God Save the South, for So Goes the South, So WILL Go This Nation